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Information Services - Data Collection

SIMS Reporting Scenarios
DOE011, DOE012, DOE013

  1. Student is enrolled in and resident of public school district: Educating district reports 01,01,01

  2. Student is enrolled in charter school: Educating district (charter) reports 03,01,03

  3. Student is educated in one public school district but resides in another:
    If tuitioned, educating district reports 03,01,10
    If school choice, educating district reports 03,01,02
    If METCO, educating district reports 03,01,04
    If non-resident vocational tuition, educating district reports 03,01,05

  4. Student is outplaced to private school, collaborative, or special education school:
    Home district reports 02,01,07
    Home district reports 02,01,06 if out of state tuition

  5. Student is a child of a teacher - resides in one district but attends school in district where parent works: Educating district reports 03,01,09

  6. Student is shared custody - parents live in different towns: Educating district reports with town code of where student was residing on report date

  7. Student is homeless: Educating district reports 01,01,01 with the educating district's town of residence

  8. Student is school choice, but choice district outplaces student to collaborative, private school or special education school: Choice district reports 02,01,02

  9. Student lives in a group home* in the district that is educating: Educating district reports 01,01,01

  10. Student lives in a group home* but is outplaced: Home district (where group home is located) reports 02,01,07

*Note: For students living in group homes, the location of the group home is the home district (not the district of the permanent residence of parent/guardian).

Last Updated: August 25, 2015
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