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Information Services - Data Collection

SIMS Duplicate Student Resolution

If two or more districts report the same student as being enrolled or out-placed on the same reporting date, the student will be included on the Duplicate Student Report that is posted back to the district. That report will contain the following student information:

  • District (Organization code)
  • First Name
  • Middle Name
  • Last Name
  • School code
  • Grade Level
  • Conflicting District(s)
  • Comments
  1. Department staff will inform the district SIMS Contact via email of the report being posted.

  2. District staff must investigate each student listed in the report. In most cases, one of the two districts involved has not updated the student's enrollment status. After determining the correct enrollment status for each student in the report, the SIMS contact will inform Department staff of each student's status by entering information in the Comment section. The comments should include any information that is pertinent to the student's status in the district such as date of entry, transferred out, cost-share district involved, school name and location (if unknown school code), district agreement regarding which district should be reporting, etc. Once the comments have been entered, the district must:
    • Upload the duplicate student report to the SIMS File Exchange AND
    • Make any necessary changes to SIMS via the SIMS Edit Application or re-submit SIMS via MDCS

***Changes must be made within the reporting period Edit window

  1. Department staff will monitor the SIMS Edit application and MDCS data to ensure the corrections have been made.

***If a district has not responded to Department staff by the deadline in which to edit data, all students for that particular district will be changed to transferred to remove the duplication.

Districts Unable to Resolve Duplicates
If after investigating the student status, both districts continue to claim the student as enrolled, the SIMS Contacts in the two districts should speak with each other to resolve the conflict prior to Department intervention. In situations where the districts cannot resolve the duplicate students themselves, Department staff will assist in the resolution. Conflicts involving general education students will be handled by the Information Services &Technology group. Conflicts involving special education student will be handled by the Special Education Office. The Department's decision will be communicated to the superintendent and SIMS Contact for both districts. A copy of the decision also will be kept with the Information Services &Technology group at the Department.

Once the Department's decision has been communicated to the districts, the Department will change the data in SIMS to reflect the particular status. After the changes have been made, documentation will be posted to the SIMS File Exchange and an email will be sent to the superintendent and SIMS contact notifying them of the conflict resolution file.

Conflicts Involving Special Education Students
In situations where two or more districts share financial and/or program responsibility for a special education student, only one district should submit a SIMS record to ensure that a student is counted and documented only once. The district that is providing direct services to the student should be the district that submits the SIMS record. For the purposes of this determination, "providing direct services" means that the student is either attending school in that district, or, if the student is in an out-of-district placement, the district has assumed primary responsibility for scheduling and conducting Team meetings as needed for that student. The districts involved need to determine which district will submit the record. The special education regulations 603 CMR 28.03(4) detail how districts can recover costs or bill other districts for services.

In cases where two or more districts claim the student and cannot resolve which single district will maintain the SIMS record, the Department will discuss the basis for each district's assertion of responsibility and will determine the district where the SIMS record will be maintained and will notify all districts involved.

Last Updated: August 26, 2004
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