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603 CMR 1.00:
Charter Schools

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1.11: Renewal of Charters

A charter school seeking renewal of its charter shall proceed as follows:

(1) Renewal Application: The charter school shall submit its application for renewal of a charter under 603 CMR 1.00 no earlier than March 1st of the third school year of the relevant charter and no later than August 1 after the end of the fourth school year of the relevant charter. The Board will review renewal applications pursuant to the criteria set forth below and in and M.G.L. c. 71, § 89. For renewal applications received on or before August 1st , the Department shall notify the charter applicant of the decision to renew or not to renew the charter and the reasons therefore no later than March 1st following receipt of the renewal application.

The charter school may apply for renewal of its charter under renewal application guidelines issued by the Department. Applications for the renewal of Horace Mann charters must be submitted with the certification of a majority vote of the school committee and local collective bargaining unit.

(2) Renewal Guidelines: The Department shall issue guidelines describing the evaluation process to be followed in reviewing applications for charter renewal, including protocols for renewal inspections and performance criteria. The decision by the Board to renew a charter shall be based upon the presentation of affirmative evidence regarding the faithfulness of the school to the terms of its charter, including the extent to which the school has followed its recruitment and retention plan and has disseminated best practices in accordance with M.G.L. c. 71, § 89(dd); the success of the school's academic program; and the viability of the school as an organization. The Department will gather evidence regarding these issues from the renewal application and from other information, including but not limited to, a school's annual reports, financial audits, test results, site visit reports, and the renewal inspection report. All charter schools will be evaluated on the same performance criteria as provided in the guidelines, provided, however, that the criteria will take into account each school's charter and accountability plan. Evidence of academic success for all students is essential for charter renewal.

(3) Term of Charter: Charters that are renewed shall be for five years from the expiration of the previous charter under such conditions as the Board may establish under 603 CMR 1.04(7) and any additional conditions that the Board or Commissioner may specify. If a school fails to comply with any specified conditions, the Commissioner may recommend to the Board that the school be placed on probation or that the charter be revoked as described in 603 CMR 1.12. Charters of schools that do not file renewal applications shall expire at the end of the fifth year of the charter school's operation, subject to 603 CMR 1.12.

Regulatory Authority:
M.G.L. c. 69, § 1B; c. 69, §§ 1J and 1K, as amended by St. 2010, c. 12, § 3; c. 71, § 38G.

Last Updated: September 24, 2015
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