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603 CMR 17.00:
Racial Imbalance And Magnet School Programs

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17.02: Eligibility

(1) The Board of Education shall notify the superintendent of schools and the school committee whenever it appears from the data collected in the October 1 School Census that the population of a school or a school district is more than 50% minority. Such notification shall inform the school district of the availability of technical assistance and funds from the Board to enable the school district to correct such racial imbalance through the establishment of magnet school facilities or magnet school educational programs or other methods of student assignment approved by the Board.

(2) Upon approval of the desegregation plan by the Board of Education, the school district becomes eligible to apply for additional desegregation funds to implement the plan. These funds may be used for planning, staff development, magnet theme development, parent information centers, or other innovative programs approved by the Board.

(3) Following the receipt of the funds described in 603 CMR 17.02(2) and the implementation of the desegregation plan, a school district may become eligible to apply for Equal Education Improvement funds. Such funds may be used for hiring of staff, staff training, and programs of instruction and support in order to maintain a desegregated school system.

Regulatory Authority:
603 CMR 17.00: M.G.L. c. 15, § 1B; c. 71 §§ 37D, 37I, and 37J

Last Updated: July 14, 1995
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