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Education Laws and Regulations

603 CMR 41.00:

Regional School Districts


  • 41.01:  Definitions
  • 41.02: Reorganization Procedures
  • 41.03: Department of Elementary and Secondary Education Approval
  • 41.04: Municipal Representatives in Regional School District Collective Bargaining
  • 41.05: Regional School District Budgets
  • 41.06: Excess and Deficiency Funds
  • 41.07: Fiscal Control of Regional School Districts by the Commissioner
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Most Recently Amended by the Board of Education: May 19, 2009

41.02: Reorganization Procedures

(1) Reorganization Needs Conference. In order to establish the need for a proposed school district reorganization and to ensure that all alternatives for satisfying said need are fully addressed, the Department shall convene a Reorganization Needs Conference. For a proposed new regional school district, the Reorganization Needs Conference shall be requested in writing by the Regional School District Planning Board, as defined in M.G.L. c. 71, [[section]] 14. For an existing regional school district expanding its grade level structure or enlarging its membership, the Regional School Committee shall submit the written request for the Reorganization Needs Conference.

(2) Long Range Education Plan. The Reorganization Needs Conference shall include consideration of a Long Range Education Plan to determine whether the proposed project is in the best interest of the applicant and of the Commonwealth. The Long Range Plan shall be a written plan which addresses the expected educational benefits of reorganization; current and projected enrollments; an inventory of all educational facilities under the jurisdiction of the various school committees (current and proposed) and any construction efficiencies; the administrative structure, including a current and proposed organization chart; the fiscal benefits; the geographical and physical characteristics; and the transportation economies which would result from a school district reorganization.

(3) Department Review. The review and evaluation of the Long Range Educational Plan by the Department shall include consideration of compliance with state and federal law and potential for enhancing learning opportunities and improving student performance for all students within the proposed district.

Regulatory Authority:
603 CMR 41.00: M.G.L. c. 69, §1B; c. 71, §14B and §16D; c. 150E, §1.

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