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Education Laws and Regulations

603 CMR 5.00:
Dispute Resolution under Parental Notification Law

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5.02: Definitions

Commissioner, the Commissioner of Education, appointed in accordance with M.G.L. c. 15, ' 1F.

Curriculum that primarily involves human sexual education or human sexuality issues, courses (typically, sex education or discrete units of a health education or biology course), school assemblies or other instructional activities and programs for which the instruction and materials focus principally on human sexual education, the biological processes of human reproduction and sexual development, or human sexuality issues.

Parent, the parent or guardian of a student enrolled in a Massachusetts public school.

School committee, the governing body of one or more public elementary or secondary schools, including the board of trustees of a charter school or of a public vocational school.

Regulatory Authority:
603 CMR 5.00 M.G.L. c.69, '1B; c.71, '32A

Last Updated: April 4, 1997
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