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HTML5 Checklist


  • The document validates as XHTML 1.0 Transitional.
  • Code is cascaded for easy viewing
  • The Document weight is not greater than 32 KiloBites (KB).
    (You can view the document weight under the Tools menu. )
  • All tags are written in lowercase. Ex. <h1>, not <H1>.
  • All Attributes are written in lowercase and attribute values are written in lower case. Ex. <table class="table">
  • All tags must be closed, including empty elements, (start tag must end with />).
  • Filenames are in lowercase and do not contain spaces.

Headings and Titles

  • Every page has an <h1>.
  • Headings and Table Headings are in Title Case.
  • Never skip heading levels.
  • Each page has a title, <title></title>. In most cases, the title is the same as the <h1>.
  • An appropriate Heading tag has been inserted for each new section of the file.


  • All Tables inside a Div container (<div class="table-responsive"></div>)
  • All Table tags have a bootstrap table class (class="table table-bordered table-striped")
  • Tables that contain a Header, Body, and/or Footer should use the <thead>, <tbody>, and/or <tfoot>
  • In a single table, every table row <tr> has the same number of Table Data's <td>.

Special Characters - use character entity values

  • All quotes ( " and &#34; ) are replaced with &quot;
  • All ampersands ( & and &#38; ) are replaced with &amp;
  • All dollar signs ( $ and &#36; ) are replaced with &dollar;
  • All percent signs ( % and &#37; ) are replaced with &percnt;
  • All number signs ( # and &#35; ) are replaced with &num;
  • All non-breaking spaces ( &#160; ) are replaced with &nbsp;
  • All section symbols ( § and &#167; ) are replaced with &sect;
    more special characters

Deprecated Tags and Attributes

  • Do not use these deprecated tags and attributes
  • In particular look for the tags <font>, <center>, <frame>, <dir>
  • And the attributes scope, bgcolor, align, valign and nowrap
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