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Educator Evaluation

Frequently Asked Questions


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III. 5-Step Cycle & Summative Performance Rating

Are educators required to provide evidence for every Indicator on the rubric?
There needs to be enough evidence associated with each Standard such that a rating on a given Standard can be supported. The body of evidence should be aligned to the individual educator's goals, the focus of his/her evaluation, as well school and district priorities. Read our Evidence Collection Toolkit Download PDF Document  Download Word Document for guidance and district strategies for clear and meaningful evidence collection. Additional tools and resources around effective and efficient evidence collection include a brief on Professional Development to Support Evidence Collection from Brockton Public Schools Download PDF Document  Download Word Document, Analyzing Artifacts tools in the Guidebook for Inclusive Practice, and TEEM video content on Evidence Collection.
How many pieces of evidence are educators required to collect?
There is no minimum or maximum requirement associated with evidence collection. Educators and evaluators should agree on the expectations for evidence related to the educator's goals, as well as his/her practice across the four Standards. Educators and evaluators should think strategically about evidence collection, keeping in mind that one piece of evidence often reflects practice associated with multiple Standards and Indicators. For more information on evidence collection, review Module 5: Gathering Evidence, Teacher Workshop 4: Gathering Evidence, and the Evidence Collection Toolkit Download PDF Document  Download Word Document.
Do educators or districts need to submit educator evaluation evidence to ESE?
No. ESE does not collect any evidence (such as artifacts of practice or notes from observations) from individual educators or districts. It is up to individual districts to determine how evidence of educator practice will be collected and retained.

Last Updated: December 22, 2017
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