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Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System

Spring 2020 MCAS Sample Administration Forms and Materials for Testing

CBT Sample Materials

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Sample PAN Materials
  • Session Student Roster
  • Proctor Testing Ticket
  • Student Testing Tickets, including samples for Human Read-Aloud/Human Signer and Text-to-Speech
  • PNP Report-Accessibility Features and Accommodations for Student Tests

Test Security- and Training-Related Materials

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MCAS Alternate Setting Request Form
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CBT Secure Materials Internal Tracking Form
Principal's Certification of Proper Test Administration (PCPA) Statements — coming soon
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Sample Superintendent's Assurance of Proper Test Administration
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MCAS Nondisclosure Acknowledgment
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Sample Confirmation of Training Participation and Receipt of Test Administrator's Manuals (TAMs) and Test Security Requirements

Sample Signs and Materials

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"MCAS Testing — Do Not Disturb" Sample Sign
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Sample Seating Charts
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"Examples of Prohibited Materials During MCAS Testing" Sample Sign

Sample Materials for Grades 6 and Above

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Student Responsibilities during MCAS Testing (Grade 6 and Above) Sample Form
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Student Responsibilities during MCAS Testing (Grade 6 and Above) Sample Letter

Forms and Materials for High Schools Only

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Sample Non-Participation Letters and Forms for the Operational High School STE Tests (in English and other languages)
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Sample Letter to Employers for the Operational High School STE Tests

Forms and Materials for PBT Only

PBT Test Materials Internal Tracking Forms
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Form for Grades 3–8 and 10 ELA and Math, Grades 5 and 8 STE, and Next-Generation Biology and Introductory Physics for Grade 9
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Form for Legacy High School STE and Grade 10 Mathematics - Spanish/English Edition
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Answer Booklet Sample Covers
  • Front Cover
    • When Student ID Label Is Used
    • When Student ID Label Is NOT Used
  • Inside Back Cover
  • Outside Back Cover
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Materials Summary
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Sample UPS Return Service Label for PBT

Forms and Materials for Accommodations and MCAS-Alt

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Request for Permission to Test an Adult with Accommodations for the Operational High School STE Tests
Instructions to complete this form:
  • Click "Continue" on the first screen to next access the form. Complete all of the information requested on the form, and click "Add attachments" near the bottom right corner to attach documentation of the disability (see Appendix C of the Principal's Administration Manual Download PDF Document for the required documentation).
  • Complete one form per adult test-taker. To submit multiple requests, click "Portal Guest, MCAS (DOE)" in the upper-right corner, and select "Logout." Then, return to the request form, where you will submit a new form for each test-taker.
  • Note that you will be automatically logged out of the online form after 30 minutes of inactivity. After you submit the request, you will receive a confirmation email with your ticket number and a copy of the information you submitted through the online form. You may contact the Office of Student Assessment Services with questions.

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Cover Sheet for Submitting Customized Materials for Approval on MCAS Science and Technology/Engineering Tests
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Student Accommodation Refusal Form
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MCAS-Alt Student Identification Booklet (SIB) Front Cover

Last Updated: March 6, 2020

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