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Strategic Initiatives

DESE Policy for Identifying Home Mortgage Assistance Programs

A growing body of educational research demonstrates the positive impacts of teachers of color on short- and long-term academic outcomes of students of color. Specifically, the research finds that having a single teacher of color can boost academic achievement, high school graduation rates, and college enrollment for students of color (Dee, 2004; Gershenson, 2018). Currently in Massachusetts, approximately forty percent of K–12 public school students are of color, while approximately eleven percent of teachers are of color.

In light of these data, and in alignment with its mission, the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary (Department) has committed to providing all students with access to a racially diverse and culturally responsive educator workforce and has identified educator diversification and retention as one priority strategy to help promote educational equity.

To help support educator recruitment and retention in Massachusetts, the Department seeks to identify non-profit entities that provide home ownership resources, such as workshops and mortgages, to low-to-moderate-income prospective and newly hired teachers and administrators seeking to purchase homes in low-to-moderate-income communities. Upon approval, the Department will help publicize the availability of these resources for educators. The Department will not be involved in any business dealings or other interactions between an educator and the non-profit entity.

Process for Approval

A non-profit entity seeking to obtain approval from the Department for this purpose must submit a response, no more than one page in length, describing its home ownership assistance program and how it meets the criteria listed in this policy. Responses must be submitted via email to Once the Department identifies entities that satisfy the Department's criteria, the Department will disseminate information about the entities' program(s) and resources through various means, including its website and notification to district personnel.

Criteria for Approval

An entity seeking approval from the Department must meet the following criteria:

  • The entity must be a not-for-profit organization that provides below-market-rate home mortgages to individuals.
  • The entity must have a program that targets either low-to-moderate-income individuals or homes in low-to-moderate-income areas.
  • The entity must have a demonstrated track record of providing mortgages to either low-to-moderate-income individuals or in low-to-moderate-income communities.
  • The entity must be willing to target some outreach to the education field.
  • The entity must provide homeownership workshops and resources.
  • The entity must certify that it complies with all applicable federal and Massachusetts laws.
  • The entity must certify that it follows generally accepted business principles and practices.

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Last Updated: June 15, 2021

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