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Educator Evaluation

The Massachusetts Educator Evaluation Framework

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The Massachusetts Educator Evaluation Framework, adopted by the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education in 2011, is designed to support and promote educators' continuous growth and professional learning.

In 2017, the board amended the framework, eliminating the separate Student Impact Rating based on district-determined measures and embedding student learning as an indicator within the Standards of Effective Practice.

The framework, which apply to both administrators and teachers throughout the state, is designed to:

  • Promote growth and development,
  • Place student learning at the center,
  • Recognize excellence,
  • Set a high bar for professional teacher status, and
  • Shorten timelines for improvement.

Quick Reference Guides

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The MA Educator Evaluation Framework
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The Model System for Educator Evaluation
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Opportunities to Streamline
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Educator Plans
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The 5-Step Cycle
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Student & Staff Feedback
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Performance Rubrics
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The Summative Performance Rating
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Educator Evaluation Training
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Educator Evaluation Data Collection
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Educator Evaluation & PD
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Educator Evaluation & the Curriculum Frameworks

The 5-Step Cycle

The 5-Step Cycle: Step 1 self-assessment; step 2 analysis, goal setting, and plan development; step 3 implementation of the plan; step 4 formative assessment/evaluation; step 5 summative evaluation.

The 5-Step Cycle is central to the evaluation process and includes the following steps:

  • Self-assessment
  • Goal setting and plan development
  • Plan implementation
  • Formative assessment/evaluation
  • Summative evaluation

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Standards of Effective Practice

Educators and evaluators use the appropriate rubric to assess practice and progress toward meeting the goals identified through the 5-Step Cycle. ESE's model rubrics are aligned to the four standards and indicators of effective practice.

Standards of Effective TeachingStandards of Effective Administrative Leadership
  1. Curriculum, Planning and Assessment
  2. Teaching All Students
  3. Family and Community Engagement
  4. Professional Culture
  1. Instructional Leadership
  2. Management and Operations
  3. Family and Community Engagement
  4. Professional Culture

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Conversations between educators and evaluators are informed by three categories of evidence. These same types of evidence are used by evaluators to determine ratings. Drawing from multiple categories creates a more complete picture of educator performance.

three categories of evidence

The Summative Performance Rating

The 5-Step Cycle results in a Summative Performance Rating of exemplary, proficient, needs improvement, or unsatisfactory for each educator. The Massachusetts evaluation system is unique in that no formulas or percentages are used to determine an educator's rating. The evaluator uses professional judgment to determine an educator's rating.

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Educator Plan Type

The Summative Performance Rating is used to determine the type of educator plan an educator will use in their next cycle. The evaluator determines the length of the plan.

Plan TypeWho is assigned to the plan?Who develops the plan?How long is the plan?
Self-Directed Growth PlanExperienced educators rated proficient or exemplaryEducatorOne or two years
Directed Growth PlanExperienced educators rated needs improvementEducator & EvaluatorUp to one year
Improvement PlanExperienced educators rated unsatisfactoryEvaluator30 days to one year
Developing Educator PlanTeachers without PTS and administrators in their first three years. Educator & EvaluatorOne year

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