Massachusetts Tests for Educator Licensure (MTEL)

Updated MTEL Revisions and Timeline

In July 2020 and then again in November 2020, we posted notices of revisions to the MTEL development timeline as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. As we noted in those notices, the development timeline continues to be subject to change due to the ongoing nature of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Below please find a revised operational timeline for these MTEL tests. We will continue to update the MTEL site to ensure that the timing of when tests will be updated is clear to you. Use the dropdown at MTEL Tests Undergoing Redevelopment to see timeline information for each test.

Please note with these updates there will be a delay when a new test is first released. There is typically a delay of several months in getting your score. As you prepare and plan for taking your MTEL, please consider these delays.

Please note that only one version of an MTEL can be made available to individuals at any given time. As such, as soon as an updated version of an MTEL is live, the previous version will retire and will no longer be made available to you. If you wish to take the current version of the test, we recommend you take the test as far in advance as possible from the times that the tests will be updated.

If you take and pass an MTEL that becomes retired before you have met other licensure requirements, you can still use the retired MTEL passing score towards earning your license. There is no expiration date on the validity of a passing score on an MTEL.

Projected MTEL Test Development Schedule — March 2021
Group AGroup BGroup CGroup DGroup EGroup FGroup G
Updates began in 2017-2018Updates began in 2017-2018Updates began in 2018-2019Updates began in 2019-2020Updates began in 2018-2019Updates began in 2019-2020Updates began in 2019-2020
Operational February 8, 2021Operational Spring 2021 (expected in late May 2021)Operational Early Fall 2021Operational Winter 2022Operational Early Spring 2022Operational Late Spring 2022Operational Early Summer 2022

Foundations of Reading

Mathematics, 5–8

Mathematics, 8–12

English Language Arts, 5–12

*Digital Literacy/Computer Science, 5–12

*Reading Specialist, All Levels

General Science, 5–8

Mathematics, 1–6

Physics, 8–12

Technology/Engineering, 5–12

Biology, 8–12

Chemistry, 8–12

Earth & Space Science, 8–12

Middle School Math/Science, 5–8

Early Childhood, PK–2

General Curriculum, 1–6

History/Social Science, 5–12

Middle School English/History, 5–8

General Curriculum MTEL

As we noted in the July and November updates, the General Curriculum (GC) MTEL is changing structurally based on the content updates outlined in the Subject Matter Knowledge Guidelines Download Word Document. These structural changes were made in close consultation with content specialists at DESE and Pearson.

Currently the GC MTEL is split into two subtests; 1) Multi-Subject (ELA, STE, and HSS) and 2) Math. The current configuration was based on the subject matter knowledge (SMK) requirements at the time they were developed (2009), which included a significant emphasis and a separate set of guidelines that outlined the math content expectations.

The new GC MTEL set to be operational in early Summer of 2022 will be configured differently to reflect equal distribution of content expectations for Math, ELA, HSS and STE outlined in the SMK Guidelines, and will be split into the following two subtests: 1) ELA and HSS and 2) Math and STE. We believe that this new structure is representative of the content expectations outlined in the SMK Guidelines for elementary and special education teachers. Please continue to check back to this MTEL page for more information about that upcoming change.

Last Updated: April 16, 2021

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