Massachusetts Tests for Educator Licensure (MTEL)

Upcoming MTEL for Digital Literacy/Computer Science

The Digital Literacy/Computer Science (DLCS) MTEL is slated to become operational in late September of 2021. This test is designed to assess candidates on their content knowledge for the Digital Literacy/Computer Science, 5–12 Massachusetts educator license.

As part of the state's Education Reform Act of 1993, all new teachers are required to pass a test in two parts to become certified to teach in Massachusetts public schools: 1) knowledge of subject content and 2) communication/literacy skills. Consequently, the Massachusetts Tests for Educator Licensure (MTEL) were developed and administered for the first time in 1998. When a new licensure content area is approved via regulatory changes, a new MTEL must be developed as a result. Digital Literacy/Computer Science, 5–12 was added via a change in regulations in 2017. While the MTEL for this new content area is in the process of development, the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) may determine to accept other requirements for the purposes of licensure so that new candidates are not prevented from becoming licensed during the period that the MTEL is in development.

Prior to the development of the DLCS MTEL, the content knowledge of candidates seeking a DLCS license is being assessed via a competency review. Similarly, for applicants seeking their first initial license, completion of a Massachusetts Digital Literacy/Computer Science 5–12 Approved Program is used in order to facilitate licenses where no test exists.

Once an MTEL becomes operational in the new licensure area, candidates must pass the MTEL in order to become licensed. This is the case regardless of where a candidate is in their pursuit of a DLCS license, including those enrolled in an educator preparation program. Therefore, once the DLCS MTEL becomes operational in late September of 2021, the test will be required for all candidates seeking their Digital Literacy/Computer Science, 5–12 Massachusetts educator license.

Please note that there is a delay in score reporting when a new test is first released. There is typically a delay of several months in getting your score. You can find information about the score reporting process in the MTEL Technical Manual, specifically, the section "Determination of Qualifying Scores" provides information about the score-setting process. As you prepare and plan for taking your MTEL, please consider these delays. Information about what will be on the test can be found on the Pearson MTEL webpage. Candidates can register for the test on the Evaluation Systems Group (ES) of Pearson website.

DESE is providing this notice so that candidates are able to plan accordingly in seeking their licensure.

Last Updated: July 9, 2021

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