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Early Childhood and History/Social Science MTEL Release and Score Report Information

Please see below for information on the release dates and other relevant information for several upcoming revised MTEL Tests.

The following updated MTELs will be released on February 6, 2023:

  • Early Childhood (72)
  • History/Social Science (73)

As noted on the MTEL website and as standard with all newly revised MTELs, score reports for the revised tests will be delayed due to standard-setting activities and determination of qualifying scores by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. Scores will be released upon the completion of these activities. This information is available to candidates under the "Score Reporting" section of each test's Test Information page.

We understand the impact that the delays can have on teacher candidates and so we wanted to share with you some information about the test development activities to make the process clear, and to share the reason behind the delayed release of the score reports.

Once the tests are operational, our partner, Evaluation Systems Group (ES) of Pearson begins to collect data on candidate performance on the revised tests. ES must collect enough test data to ensure that there is robust evidence for making a passing score recommendation. That collected data is then provided to a Qualifying Score Panel composed of up to 20 content experts, including currently practicing teachers, and educator preparation faculty.

At the Qualifying Score Conference, Panel members review the candidate data and additionally undergo a simulated test-taking activity in order to inform the overall score recommendation. You can find additional detail about this process in the MTEL Technical Manual. Specifically, the section "Determination of Qualifying Scores" provides information about the score-setting process. The Qualifying Score Conferences for Early Childhood and History/Social Science will be held in mid-April, 2023. The conferences are set for these times in order to ensure that Evaluation Systems of Pearson is able to collect enough performance data from candidates to inform the recommendation.

Following the Qualifying Score Conference, ES then calculates recommended performance levels for the multiple choice and open-response sections of each test based on the recommendations provided by the Qualifying Score Panel members which in turn informs the analysis and report for the Commissioner. This information is used by the Commissioner to determine the passing score for the tests based upon the panel-based recommendations and other input.

This process can take several weeks following the Qualifying Score conference and score reports will then be released in the next score report date after the passing score is determined by the Commissioner.

Please email if you have any questions.

Last Updated: November 16, 2022

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