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FY2023 Multi-Year Delegation

To:Business Managers, Fiscal and Grant Program Staff
From:Grants Management
Date:May 2, 2023

Most federal grants funded through the United States Department of Education (USED) contain a provision known as the Tydings Amendment. This means the funds are awarded to states for use within a 27-month period. The intent of this provision is to give the grantees (states) and sub-grantees (LEAs) enough time to administer effective programs and minimize the amount of funds returned to the federal government.

The multi-year delegation are available for districts to submit through May 14, 2023.

FY2023 multi-year delegation does two things:

  • Extends the end date of the grant to 6/30/2024 (current end date is 6/30/23);
  • Eliminates the need to close the grant and then re-apply for a carryover grant.

The multi-year delegation window will be open through May 14, 2023.

Applicants are not required to utilize the multi-year option. If the expectation is to fully expend the grant by 6/30/2023, there is no need to submit a multi-year delegation form.

Funding moved into FY2024 via multi-year submission will be available for drawdown on July 1, 2023. Draw-downs can be applied to services occurring prior to 6/30 as well as services post 7/1 since the start date of the grant remains the same.

If you do not file multi-year delegation but leave funds unclaimed after the final payment request window (August 20 – 24th), balances will roll automatically in September and will be available to draw in the October payment request window.

FY2022 Multi-Year forms are also available through May 14, 2023, to move funding from FY23 (year 2) into FY24 (Year 3). FY2022 grants end 9/30/2023.

Please review the Multi-Year FAQ and How To for more information.

Last Updated: May 2, 2023

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