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EL Assessment Update: Release of ACCESS for ELLs Test Results

To:Principals, District EL Program Directors, ACCESS for ELLs Test Coordinators, and Educational Technology Directors
From:Michol Stapel, Associate Commissioner Student Assessment Services
Melanie Manares, English Proficiency Assessment Coordinator
Date:May 11, 2023

Please review the following information for updates regarding 2023 ACCESS for ELLs test results and data validation.

ACCESS for ELLs Test Results and Score Reports

ACCESS for ELLs and Alternate ACCESS electronic test results were made available in WIDA AMS on Friday, May 5. DRC sent an email to District and School ACCESS Test Coordinators on May 5 outlining the steps to retrieve School and District Frequency Reports, School Student Roster Reports, and Individual Student Reports (ISRs) from WIDA AMS.

On May 17, printed Frequency Reports, School Student Roster Reports, and Individual Student Reports (ISRs) will arrive at schools. The paper reports mailed to schools will be printed in English only. If schools wish to mail a report to a parent in another language, reports in other languages can be downloaded from WIDA AMS Report Delivery>On-Demand Reports.

As schools prepare to send an ISR to the student's home, we also encourage downloading the ACCESS for ELLs Parent Letter in the language of the home (if available) to accompany the report. Parent letters should be copied onto school or district letterhead, signed by the appropriate school or district official, and sent to the home of the parents with the ISR. Parent letters are available in the same languages as the On-Demand ISRs.

In addition to the Individual Student Reports and ACCESS for ELLs Parent Letters, two-page fliers, ACCESS for ELLs: Understanding your Child's Score and Alternate ACCESS for ELLs: Understanding your Child's Score, provide answers to basic questions about the ISR. These resources are available for download in 17 languages in the WIDA Resource Library and may be sent home with the child's ISR and ACCESS for ELLs Parent Letter or used during meetings with parents, at the school's discretion.

Additional resources that may be useful for educators and administrators include the ACCESS for ELLs Interpretive Guide for Score Reports and in the Alternate ACCESS for ELLs Interpretive Guide for Score Reports , which provide detailed information about interpreting the reports.

WIDA has developed a pre-recorded webinar titled "Post-Testing: Interpreting Score Reports" that provides information on the student reports, frequency reports, and student roster reports and how to access them in WIDA AMS. To view the webinar, log in to the WIDA Secure Portal and click on "webinars."

ACCESS Score Reports in Security Portal DropBox and Edwin

District- and school-level student results (post-data validation) will be available in Security Portal DropBoxes and in Edwin over the summer. Results will be made available as follows:

Information DeliveredLocationScheduled Delivery Date
Results without SGPA, progress, attainment, targetsDropBox CentralLate June
Edwin AnalyticsEarly July
Results with SGPA, progress, attainment, targetsDropBox CentralLate July
Edwin AnalyticsEarly August
Assigned overall scores will be reported in DropBox Central/Edwin Analytics in early fall. These results are calculated by DESE and will not appear in WIDA AMS.

Additional information regarding ACCESS for ELLs reporting can be found in the ACCESS for ELLs Reporting Workshop — May 2023 PowerPoint presentation on the Massachusetts state page of the WIDA website under Manuals, Guides and Workshops.

ACCESS Post-Reporting Data Validation: May 17–May 25, 2023

The post-reporting data validation window provides one last opportunity for schools to correct any demographic errors for students who participated in the 2023 ACCESS test administration before DRC releases updated files on June 9. School Test Coordinators should review and correct (if needed) the following information between May 17–25:

  • First and last names (incorrect spelling, hyphens, or multiple names for the same student)
  • SASID (ensure that SASID is listed, rather than district ID or other temporary number)
  • School
  • Birth date
  • Enrolled grade
  • Accommodations (missing or incorrect accommodations)
  • "Do Not Score" codes (add as appropriate or remove codes incorrectly applied.)

Ensure that any changes are also corrected in your June SIMS report.

The May 10 email from DRC to ACCESS Test Coordinators contains instructions for correcting the above information. In addition, WIDA has a pre-recorded webinar in the WIDA Secure Portal under Webinars titled Post Testing: Data Validation for additional information regarding Post-Reporting Data Validation.

Thank you for your attention to these important updates. Please email with any questions you may have.

Last Updated: May 11, 2023

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