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Massachusetts Tests for Educator Licensure (MTEL)

Important Notice Regarding Changes to the General Curriculum MTEL

As noted in previous MTEL updates, the General Curriculum (GC) MTEL is changing structurally based on the content shifts in the Subject Matter Knowledge Guidelines . Currently the GC MTEL is split into two subtests;

Current Structure — Retiring
Subtest 1Multi-Subject (English Language Arts (ELA), Science and Technology/Engineering (STE), History/Social Science (HSS), and
Subtest 2Mathematics (Math)

This current structure of the GC MTEL was based on the subject matter knowledge requirements at the time the test was developed (2009), which included a significant emphasis and a separate set of guidelines that outlined the math content expectations. The new GC MTEL set to be operational on August 21, 2023 will be configured differently to align to the updated content expectations for Math, ELA, HSS and STE outlined in the SMK Guidelines. This revised structure to match these content expectations includes a split into the following two subtests:

Revised Structure — Implementation August 21, 2023
Subtest 1ELA and HSS, and
Subtest 2Math and STE

Currently, the GC multi-subject subtest and the math subtest can be taken separately and this will continue to be the case with the new subtests. While the new tests will become operational August 21, 2023, candidates may need to engage in advance planning to ensure they are able to complete the currently operating GC subtests prior to the change. The Department strongly recommends that candidates who have already passed one of the current GC subtests work to pass the other subtest prior to the implementation of the newly structured test.

Candidates who have only passed one of the current GC subtests at the time that the revised test is implemented will need to ensure that they have covered all of the relevant content for the revised test. Please see the table below for a list of options of how that subtest content may be covered1.

Scenario 1: A candidate who has passed the Multi-Subject subtest, but not the Mathematics subtest

Candidates may choose from the following testing options to complete their GC requirements after the revised test is implemented:

Scenario 2: A candidate who has passed the Mathematics subtest, but not the Multi-Subject subtest

Candidates may choose from the following testing options to complete their GC requirements after the revised test is implemented2:

  • The new GC MTEL Math and STE subtest
  • Mathematics (Elementary) (68)
  • Mathematics (Middle School) (65)
  • Mathematics (Secondary) (63)
  • Mathematics/Science (Middle School) (77)
  • Option 1
    • The new GC MTEL ELA and HSS and
    • General Science (64)
  • Option 2
    • The new GC MTEL ELA and HSS and
    • the new GC MTEL Math and STE subtest
  • Option 3
    • The new GC MTEL ELA and HSS and
    • Mathematics/Science (Middle School) (77)
  • Option 4
    • Middle School Humanities (76) and
    • General Science (64)
  • Option 5
    • History/Social Science (73) and
    • English (61) and
    • General Science (64)

Notice to Candidates and Use of Retired MTEL for Licensure

We will continue to update the MTEL site to ensure that the timing of when tests will be updated is clear. Use the dropdown at MTEL Tests Undergoing Redevelopment to see timeline information for each test.

Please note that only one version of an MTEL can be made available to individuals at any given time. As such, as soon as an updated version of an MTEL is live, the previous version is considered retired and will no longer be made available to candidates. If a candidate wishes to take the current version of the test, we recommend that they take the test as far in advance as possible from the times that the tests will be updated.

If a candidate takes and passes an MTEL that becomes retired before the individual has met other licensure requirements, they can still use the retired MTEL passing score towards earning their license, or to add a new license in the future that requires the same test. There is no expiration date on the validity of a passing score on an MTEL.

1 Please note the listed tests will be the operational versions when the new General Curriculum test is implemented. Candidates who have passed older versions of the listed tests will be able to use those towards licensure as well. Ex. A candidate who already passed General Science (10) could choose to take the new GC MTEL ELA and HSS test to meet the multi-subject subtest requirement.

2 The Department is not considering the acceptance of specific science tests (Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science, Physics, Technology/Engineering) because they do not cover the range of content required in the objectives for the GC Math and STE subtest.

Last Updated: May 18, 2023

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