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Massachusetts United States Senate Youth Program Scholarship Application Guidelines 2022-2023

Instructions: Your USSYP submission must contain the Application Form plus Parts I-VI to be considered a complete application package.

The application package is to be completed by the student, typed, or printed clearly and contain no more than two pages for the student Application Form plus four additional pages for Parts I–VI listed below (maximum of 6 pages total — Application Form plus 4 pages containing Parts I–VI).

Use the headings below and organize your responses accordingly. You do not need to list everything you have accomplished; however, include all pertinent information relevant to your leadership qualities, community or public service and volunteerism.

  • Application Form: Applicant, parent/guardian, and school information (2 pages).

The next six sections must be no more than four (4) additional typed pages, using a 12 font.

Part I Leadership Positions: List all elected or appointed leadership positions held, grades 9–12 including your current student representative position that makes you eligible for USSYP with a description of the election or appointment process of that office. You must hold a current leadership position for the entire 2022-2023 school year to be eligible to apply.

Part II School Activities: List significant school activities (grades 9–12) which reflect leadership capability (e.g., Editor, school newspaper; Key Club, organized community food drive). Identify the group or organization (avoid abbreviations), note your role, and list your length of service.

Part III Volunteerism/Community Service: List major activities not related to school in which you have participated. Include only activities relevant to this scholarship. List the name of the activity and length of service.

Part IV Honors, Awards, Recognition: List major honors, awards, or recognition you have earned that relate to this scholarship. Include the name of the honor and the year received.

Part V Statement of Future Aspirations: Compose one paragraph about your plans and goals including post-secondary education.

Part VI: Essay: Write an essay of 400 words or less exploring as fully as possible any one of the following issues. Label your essay with the appropriate Essay Topic #.

  • Essay Topic #1:
    What are the significant differences in the philosophies of the two major political parties? How have the parties' philosophies affected public policy in the past 20 years?

  • Essay Topic #2:
    Imagine that you have recently been elected as one of the youngest members of the Massachusetts state legislature. What would be the first bill you would introduce? Describe the provisions of your bill and why this initiative is your top priority.

  • Essay Topic #3:
    As a student leader in Massachusetts, what do you see as the greatest areas for improvement in the education system, and what ideas would you propose to create better dialogue and understanding among various student groups?

  • Essay Topic #4:
    If you had the opportunity to be the CEO of an important company in Massachusetts, what company would that be and how would your leadership benefit the state?

  • Essay Topic #5:
    If you became a U.S. Senator for Massachusetts what Senate Committees would you most want to be assigned to and why. What personal qualities would you bring to the job as Senator that would benefit Massachusetts.

  • Essay Topic #6:
    Discuss the work of any non-profit organization in Massachusetts that you have been involved with and describe why you think the organization's mission is important.

  • Essay Topic #7:
    Choose a historical figure from Massachusetts, discuss why knowledge of this person is important for all Massachusetts citizens and discuss the impact this one person has had on Massachusetts' history.

  • Essay Topic #8:
    Is there an important historical figure from Massachusetts that you feel has been underrepresented in high school history curriculum? Describe this figure's contribution to our nation's or our state's history and why it would be important to raise awareness about them now.

Last Updated: September 2, 2022

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