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Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System

Educational Proficiency Plans (EPPs)


As part of the Competency Determination (CD) graduation requirements, an Educational Proficiency Plan (EPP) must be developed for any student who does not meet or exceed the Proficient level (a minimum scaled score of 240) or the next-generation equivalent on the MCAS grade 10 ELA and/or Mathematics tests. Science and Technology/Engineering (STE) is not part of the EPP requirement.

Each EPP includes, at a minimum:

  • a review of the student's strengths and weaknesses, based on MCAS and other assessment results, coursework, grades, and teacher input
  • the courses the student will be required to take and successfully complete in grades 11 and 12
  • a description of the assessments the school will administer on a regular basis to determine whether the student is moving toward proficiency

The EPP is not required for students in the classes of 2020–2022, who are eligible for the modified CD.

Updates to the Components of the Educational Proficiency Plan (EPP) Beginning with the Class of 2026

An EPP must be developed for any student in the classes of 2026–2030 who earned a scaled score of 470–485 on the grade 10 ELA and/or grade 10 Mathematics test, and for any student in the classes of 2031 and beyond who earned a scaled score of 470–499 on the grade 10 ELA and/or grade 10 Mathematics test. In 2022, the Board voted to implement updates to the EPP beginning with the class of 2026. The updates include the following:

  1. The school must provide a student's EPP to their parents/guardians on an annual basis
  2. In addition to the coursework requirement, the EPP must describe the tutoring or other individualized academic supports the student will receive
  3. The assessment component is defined as applicable MCAS tests or other diagnostic or summative tests approved by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education as aligned to the curriculum frameworks and appropriate for the purpose of the EPP. For students yet to achieve a scaled score of 470 on any MCAS test required for high school graduation, assessments must include multiple opportunities to retake applicable MCAS tests until a scaled score of at least 470 has been achieved.
  4. The EPP for the following students does not need to include the coursework/tutoring or assessment components:
    1. Students who are actively enrolled and successfully progressing in the MassCore curriculum, an approved Chapter 74 vocational-technical program, or a designated Early College or Innovation Pathway program
    2. Adult learners, students who have exited high school without a CD, seniors who have already completed all their required courses in the relevant subject matter, students who are not continuously enrolled or are enrolled in an alternative program, and students who enroll in senior year


The Board of Elementary and Secondary Education adopted the EPP requirement in October 2006 as a change to the CD high school graduation requirement, beginning with the class of 2010. The goal of the EPP requirement is to increase the likelihood that students who graduate from Massachusetts high schools have the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in college and the workforce.

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