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Certified Investigating History Professional Development Providers

The following professional development providers have been certified to provide Investigating History professional development. Certified providers have received training in the Investigating History curriculum and instructional approach and received DESE approval on their professional development offerings. While DESE-developed agendas and materials for Investigating History professional development are posted free of charge alongside the materials, we strongly recommend that districts partner with a certified professional development provider in order to leverage these providers' existing expertise in Investigating History's content, pedagogy, and design.

Most certified providers (except where otherwise noted) have a statewide master service agreement designed to streamline the procurement process for schools and districts choosing to work with them. Please contact Nechama Goldberg for more information about how to use this agreement.

Overview of PD Offerings

Each certified provider has a unique suite of professional development offerings available to schools, districts, and/or individuals. The table below provides an "at a glance" overview of the services each vendor has been approved to provide; please note that some vendors also have additional professional learning offerings that are not included in this table. Additional information about each vendor, including a complete list of their services, can be found in the directory below.

PD ProviderSchool and/or District Professional Learning OfferingsProfessional Learning Offerings for Individual Educators
Part-Day TrainingFull-Day TrainingMulti-Day TrainingComprehensive PartnershipsMulti-Day InstituteOnline CourseIndividual Coaching
Lindsay Lyons
Local Civics
Massachusetts Historical Society
Primary Source
Shed Education

Part-Day/Full-Day/Multi-Day Training: Professional learning sessions intended for a group of teachers from a school or district and lasting for a partial day, full day, or multiple days.
Comprehensive Partnerships: A yearlong package of supports for a school or district including some combination of professional learning sessions for teachers and/or administrators, coaching, professional learning community support, and/or customized consultation and services.

Multi-Day Institute: Multiple-day, synchronous and/or hybrid learning opportunities open to individual teachers
Online Courses: Asynchronous, self-paced courses open to individual teachers
Individual Coaching: One-on-one sessions for teachers and/or administrators intended to provide them with personalized support

PD Provider Directory


Educurious is a 501(c)(3) organization formed in 2011 by learning scientists from the University of Washington with the support of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. For over a decade, they have supported educators and schools with customizable tools, resources, and immersive professional development opportunities. Their products and services have been engaged by 45,300+ educators in 32 states and have impacted over 262,400 students.

As the founding professional learning partner with DESE since the beginning of the Investigating History curriculum project, they are uniquely positioned to provide this curriculum-based professional learning. Educurious has developed and facilitated the professional learning for the grades 5–7 pilot teachers and is also leading the curriculum development for Investigating History grades 3–4. More broadly, the Educurious team has deep content knowledge in the Investigating History curriculum, the Massachusetts History and Social Science Framework, and expertise in the design of professional learning.

To ensure effective implementation of the Investigating History curriculum, Educurious will support school and district systems with comprehensive professional development with an eye towards sustainability of the curriculum. They offer curricular onboarding workshops, targeted coaching support for PLCs and leaders (e.g., practice-focused workshops, lesson study, student artifact review, troubleshooting, observation and feedback, and/or custom support) as well as practice-focused videos that can be used asynchronously and/or with PLCs.

Professional learning can be tailored to meet the priorities of your school or district system. Educurious offers a variety of modalities (e.g., in-person, virtual, video) and can emphasize particular practices such as inquiry, culturally responsive pedagogy, literacy, differentiation, collaboration, assessment, integrating social-emotional learning, and leadership.

In 2024-25, in partnership with the One8 Foundation, Educurious will be facilitating in-person Unit Launch Days throughout the school year. Information on registration for these sessions will be available later this spring.

Approved Offerings and Cost

Educurious can support each of the two- or three-day offerings a la carte ($3,000/facilitator/day; $1,500/facilitator/half-day), or as part of a comprehensive yearlong partnership ($30,000/facilitator):

  • Summer Curriculum Orientation and Unit 1 Onboarding (3 days)
  • Unit Onboarding Workshops (2 days)
  • End-of-Year Reflection Workshop (2 days)

Coaching Support: $250/facilitator/hour

Video Coaching: $2,500/video

One8 Unit Launch Day: $350 per person per day (series is four days plus additional curriculum orientation day for teachers new to Investigating History)

Contact InformationBlake Konrady
Lindsay Lyons

Lindsay Lyons is an educational justice coach, student voice scholar, and former teacher of emerging multilingual students and students with IEPs. She specializes in implementation coaching and figuring out how to make the curriculum come to life in your classrooms.

New to the curriculum? Generate teacher excitement for the curriculum with my full-day workshop or self-paced course. Teachers experience a demo lesson, reflect on their strengths and areas for growth in relation to pedagogical principles, and unpack the essential content understandings, skills, and pedagogical moves in the chosen unit. They'll leave with an understanding of the core theories and practices within the curriculum as well as a game plan for planning to teach the unit.

Want ongoing implementation support? Accelerate student excitement and learning with implementation supports like workshops, group coaching sessions, and asynchronous 1:1 coaching for teachers and leaders. Participants explore opportunities for personalization such as making connections to present-day issues, fine-tuning protocols for student-led inquiry, thoughtfully facilitating discussions about identity and in/justice, and adapting summative assessments to include civic action components. We raise and tackle specific implementation challenges such as pacing without feeling rushed, effective supports for multilingual learners and students with IEPs, and how to equitable grade student work.

Approved Offerings and Cost

Two-Day Workshop (in-person or virtual): $10,000
One-Day Workshop (in-person or virtual): $5,000

Topic-Focused Virtual Workshop (up to 2 hours): $3,000

Self-Paced Course: $250 per person
Leadership Coaching (four, 60-minute 1:1 virtual sessions): $2,000 per person
Group Implementation Coaching (virtual sessions, up to 75 mins): $1,500 per session
EduBoost (asynchronous coaching via Slack for 10 weeks): $500 per person

Additional Support: customized pricing, typically ranging from $5,000 to $30,000

Learn more about these offerings.

Website Lindsay Lyons - Lindsay Beth Lyons, Educational Consulting
Contact Information

Lindsay Lyons,

To schedule a call

Local Civics

Local Civics is an award-winning civics and social studies provider dedicated to supporting educators and schools in bringing inquiry-based learning and experiential learning to students. They support schools that are adopting the Investigating History curriculum in 5th, 6th, and 7th grade, and they design various implementation models from classroom pilots to district-wide adoption. Local Civics supports schools and districts across multiple states in launching new inquiry-based and project-based curricula, in aligning new curricula to state standards, and in preparing educators for success.

For Investigating History, Local Civics partners with educators for district-wide trainings, professional learning communities, online learning modules, and curricular coaching sessions. They customize professional development services based on the needs of districts, schools, and educators.

Approved Offerings and Cost

Introduction to Investigating History Summit: $800/hr
Scaling Investigating History Summit: $800/hr
Cross-District Professional Learning Community: $200/hr
Online Learning Modules: $500/educator
Individual Curricular Coaching: $200/hr

Comprehensive Summits and Coaching Package: $20,740+
Pilot Year Summit and Coaching Package: $12,580+
Customized Curricular Coaching Package: $9,350+
Curricular Coaching for Pilot Implementation Package: $2,550+
Individual Educator Professional Learning Package: $500/person

WebsiteLocal Civics - Reimagining Civics Education
Contact InformationCaitlin Gallagher,
Massachusetts Historical Society

Since 1791, the Massachusetts Historical Society (MHS) has sought to promote understanding of the history of Massachusetts and the nation by collecting and communicating materials and resources that foster historical knowledge. Located in Boston's Back Bay, the Society's Education department serves K–12 teachers and students in Massachusetts, and beyond.

As a DESE Investigating History PD Provider, the MHS seeks to partner with districts and teachers to support the implementation of the Grade 5 curriculum. Specifically, for school year 2023-2024, the MHS will be offering PD and teacher workshops to deepen content knowledge of and primary source analysis skills and strategies for Unit 5.2: Revolution and Principles of U.S. Government, which covers the time period beginning in the 1750s and ending with the ratification of the Bill of Rights in 1791.

The MHS offers full-day sessions on Grade 5, Unit 2 (Revolution and Foundations of US Government) that will deepen teachers' content knowledge while sharing strategies for teaching analysis of visual and text-based primary sources, such as synthesizing information and interpreting point of view. They also offer shorter, 2-hour sessions on deep dives into specific topics in the unit. Their workshops are designed for teachers who have already piloted Investigating History and are eager to deepen their content knowledge and delve deeply into primary source analysis.

Approved Offerings and Cost

Full-day session for a district: $200/teacher
Half-day session for a district: $100/teacher
Multi-day workshop open to any Grade 5 Investigating History teacher: $200/teacher

Learn more about these offerings.

WebsiteEducation | Massachusetts Historical Society
Contact InformationElyssa Tardif, Director of Education,
Primary Source

Primary Source, the organization that authored Investigating History Grades 5-7, has multiple professional development opportunities to support Investigating History implementation. Primary Source has been serving Massachusetts History and Social Studies Teachers since their founding in 1989. As the authors of Investigating History grades 5–7, Primary Source can provide professional learning that is nuanced, differentiated, and gives teachers the confidence and knowledge to implement Investigating History effectively.

Primary Source offers many learning opportunities for districts and teachers in person and online.

Approved Offerings and Cost

Introduction to Investigating History for Grades 5–7 (one day, in-person): $500/participant

Comprehensive Investigating History Institute for Grades 5–7 (four days; in-person): $1500/participant

Investigating History Virtual Courses for Grades 5–7: $300/participant

  • Introduction to Investigating History
  • Unit-Specific Courses

Custom Full-Day Investigating History Workshop (in-person or virtual): $6,500
Custom Half-Day Investigating History Workshop (in-person or virtual): $4,000

Coaching with Unit Author: $300

Additional Support: custom packages that can combine workshops, coaching, strategic advising (in-person and/or online); price varies

Learn more about these offerings.
Contact Information

Interest Form


SchoolKit has provided professional learning services and school improvement partnerships to schools, districts, and state education agencies for the past 10 years. They are based in Washington, DC, but have staff located across the country and have partnered with school, district, and state clients in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Texas, New Mexico, Louisiana, Washington DC, Colorado, Nebraska, Oklahoma, California, Pennsylvania, Arkansas and elsewhere. They are a team of experienced educators who believe that excellent instruction is the foundation of equitable schools. Their mission is to work in partnership with local educators to improve instruction and leadership and create schools and systems that help all students succeed.

SchoolKit trains and coaches teachers and leaders on standards-aligned instructional practices and specializes in professional learning using high-quality instructional materials. Schoolkit will work with partners to customize a scope of Investigating History professional learning and coaching that meets the needs of pilot, gradual or full implementation plans. Offerings include full-, half- and multi-day sessions along with coaching that support teachers and leaders with:

  • Understanding and navigating the structure and backwards design of the Investigating History curriculum
  • Internalizing the content of Investigating History units
  • Implementing the instructional shifts necessary to facilitate the Investigating History curriculum
Approved Offerings and Cost

Full-Day Training, Onsite: $4,180
Half-Day Training, Onsite: $3,520
Full-Day Training, Remote: $3,080
Half-Day Training, Remote: $2,420

Full-Day Coaching, Onsite: $4,180
Half-Day Coaching, Onsite: $3,520
Full-Day Coaching, Remote: $3,080

Full-Day Strategic Planning and Assessment, Onsite: $4,180
Half-Day Strategic Planning and Assessment, Onsite: $3,520
Full-Day Strategic Planning and Assessment, Remote: $3,080

Learn more about these offerings by reaching out to Ethan Mitnick .

Contact InformationEthan Mitnick , (610) 858-1546
Shed Education

Shed Education offers comprehensive support to schools and districts that recognizes and expands local teacher expertise. They seek to advance inquiry, equity, disciplinary literacy, and student engagement in social studies classrooms. Their approach to professional development values customization, yearlong-embedded supports, and teacher collaborative agency. They have experience supporting a variety of schools, but are especially focused on districts where the majority of students receive free or reduced lunch and/or are below grade-level proficiency in ELA.

They offer a comprehensive partnership designed to support full implementation which includes a customized plan, daylong trainings to help teachers internalize and adapt unit plans, ongoing virtual PD, and support for ongoing local work. They also offer smaller partnerships, instructional and leadership coaching, and online PD workshops focused on making inquiry accessible to all learners. For more detail, visit the website linked below.

The lead PD provider for Shed Education is Eric Soto-Shed. Soto-Shed partners with talented veteran teachers and administrators to deliver professional districts. Soto-Shed is a former history teacher, a founding member of Stanford History Education Group (SHEG), and currently a teacher educator at Harvard University. He has offered nationwide teacher training through the National Council of Social Studies and the Library of Congress. He has supported curriculum development and implementation in Massachusetts at the district level and state level.

Approved Offerings and Cost

Half-Day Professional Development Workshops (in-person): $3,500
Full-Day Professional Development Workshops (in-person): $5,000

1-on-1 Teacher Coaching (online): $250/session
Team PLC Facilitation and Coaching (online; four-five sessions): $3,000/team of 3–6 teachers

Instructional Leadership Development (online): $400/session

Learn more about these offerings.

Contact InformationEric Soto-Shed

For Vendors

DESE has issued a bid opportunity for vendors interested in becoming certified professional development providers, which is open until September 30, 2024, through COMMBUYS, the state's procurement system. Please contact with any questions.

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