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603 CMR 4.00:

Vocational Technical Education


  • 4.01: Purpose
  • 4.02: Definitions
  • 4.03: Program Approval Criteria and Operational Requirements
  • 4.04: Program Approval Procedures and Policies
  • 4.05: Program Outcomes
  • 4.06: Unpaid Off-Campus Construction and Maintenance Projects
  • 4.07: Types of Vocational Technical Teacher Licenses, Requirements for Licensure and Licenses Issued
  • 4.08: Types of Vocational Technical Administrator Licenses and Requirements for Licensure
  • 4.09: Types of Vocational Technical Cooperative Education Coordinator Licenses and Requirements for Licensure
  • 4.10: Professional Standards
  • 4.11: Extension of Preliminary Vocational Technical Teacher License
  • 4.12: Professional Vocational Technical Educator License Renewal and Professional Development
  • 4.13: General Provisions Regarding Educator Licensure
  • 4.14: Certificate of Occupational Proficiency
  • 4.15: Endorsements
  • 4.16: Pilot Programs
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Most recently amended by the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education: June 22, 2021

4.06: Unpaid Off-Campus Construction and Maintenance Projects

(1) 603 CMR 4.06 applies to off-campus construction and/or maintenance projects in which students acquire academic and vocational technical skills on an unpaid basis.

(2) A licensed teacher in that approved vocational technical education program area shall provide continuous supervision at the job site.

(3) School districts shall confirm that the school district has adequate liability coverage and that participating students have been provided with insurance coverage (either directly or through other acceptable alternatives such as municipal self-insurance) for: medical benefits, loss of life, dismemberment or loss of sight, liability coverage for bodily injury, assumption by the school district of the cost of any deductible.

(4) Students shall not be required to waive their legal rights as a condition of participation in the project.

(5) Only those students who are enrolled in an approved vocational technical education program and who have demonstrated those academic, technical and employability competencies associated with at least one and one half years of full time study in the vocational technical education program project area may participate in such projects, and in no case shall students be allowed to participate in such projects without a minimum enrollment of at least one year in the vocational technical program.

(6) Prior to participation, students shall receive appropriate safety and health training and shall have demonstrated sufficient safety competency attainment as determined by the school district. Projects shall comply with the standards set forth in M.G.L. c. 149 and the regulations of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regarding workplace safety and health.

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Last Updated: June 24, 2021

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