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FY20 Charter School Tuition and Enrollment Projections

Below you will find links to FY20 tuition and enrollment projections for charter schools and sending districts. It is important to note some caveats that may affect the accuracy of these projections. While actual enrollment cannot exceed the projection reported by a given charter, enrollment by individual sending school districts may vary. Additionally, each sending district's tuition rate is a function of local spending and subject to change.

Key points on Charter District Aid

  • the state budget allocates $115,000,000 to charter aid
  • return to a 3-year, 100%/60%/40% schedule for transition aid, priority is still given by tier
  • $7.5M supplemental aid is provided to districts with high charter tuition costs and relatively low Chapter 70 aid, to ensure a minimum level of state support for charter tuition
  • an additional $7.5M is set aside for school districts with significant and sustained growth, which is undistributed at this time.

Key points on Foundation Budget Rates

  • implements recommendations of the Foundation Budget Review Commission (FBRC) and incorporates other enhancements to the Commonwealth's school funding framework
  • live rates, derived from each school's October 1, 2018 SIMS enrollment
  • Foundation Budgets have been raised by a 3.75 percent inflation factor
  • expanded rates for English learners
  • expanded rates for special education, with the non vocational increment raised to 3.79% from 3.75%

Key points on Above Foundation Spending Rates

  • In the absence of the actual school spending data needed to determine the Above Foundation Spending Rates, the spending percentage from the prior fiscal year is used

Key points on the Facility Rate

  • the Facilities Rate, funded at $893 per pupil since 2009, has been raised by a 5% inflation factor to $938.

Below you will find the most recent calculation of projected FY20 charter school tuition and reimbursements. These amounts will be used by the Department of Revenue in their cherry sheet estimates.

Questions about the charter tuition program should be addressed to Hadley Cabral in the Office of District and School Finance at (781) 338-6586 or .

Last Updated: August 2, 2019

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