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Department of Elementary and Secondary Education Keywords and Acronyms

Adult & Community Learning Services
   ABE Advisory Council
   ABE Assessment
   ABE Community Planning
   ABE Curriculum Frameworks
   ABE Guidelines
   ABE Performance Standards
   ABE Program Management
   Adult & Community Learning
   Adult & Community Learning Services
   Adult & Community Learning Services
   Adult Basic Education
   Adult Diploma
   Adult Diploma Program
   Adult Ed
   Adult Education
   Adult Education & Family Literacy Act
   Adult Learner
   Adult Literacy
   Anywhere Anytime
   Appreciative Advising
   College and Career Readiness
   Commonwealth Corporation
   Community Planning
   Countable Outcomes
   Distance Learning
   Distance Learning Advisory Board
   EL Civics
   English as a Second Language
   English for Speakers of Other Languages
   English Language Civics
   External Diploma Program
   Family Literacy
   Family Literacy Consortium
   High School Equivalency
   Incarcerated Adults
   Indicators of ABE Program Quality
   Individual Education and Career Plan
   Learn At Work
   Massachusetts Adult Proficiency Test
   Massachusetts Family Literacy Consortium
   National Assessment of Adult Learning
   National Center for the Study of Adult Learning and Literacy
   National Center on Adult Literacy
   National Institute For Literacy
   National Reporting System
   Office of Vocational and Adult Education
   Performance Accountability Work Group
   State Assessment of Adult Literacy
   System for Adult Basic Education Support
   System for Managing Accountability and Results Through Technology
   Title 2
   Title II
   Unified Plan
   Unified State Plan
   WIA Title II
   Workforce Development
   Workforce Investment Act
   Workplace Ed
   Workplace Education
Budget & Planning
   Business Cards
   Business Office
   Fifty Fifty Special Education Tuition
Center for District Support
   Accountability & Targeted Assistance
   Accountability, Partnership, & Assistance
   Accountability, Partnerships, & Assistance
   Professional Learning Communities
College, Career & Technical Education
   Educational Proficiency Plans
   High School Reform
   mass core
   Recommended Core Curriculum
   Secondary School Reform Initiative
Commissioner's Office
   Advisory Councils
   Associate Commissioner
   Board of Education
   Board of Elementary and Secondary Education
   Chapter 260
   Commissioner's Update
   Deputy Commissioner
   Legislative Affairs
   Public Relations
   Public Affairs
   School Councils
   Secretary of Education
   Student Government Day
Communications and Board Relations
   Media Relations
Digital Learning
   Accessible instructional materials
   Adaptive technology
   Assistive Technology
   Blended learning
   Digital learning
   Distance Learning
   Ed Tech Reports
   Educational Technology
   Educational Technology Advisory Council
   Enhancing Education Through Technology
   Instructional Technology
   Online learning
   Online professional development
   Online schools
   STaR Chart
   Tech Plan
   Technology infrastructure
   Technology Literacy
   Technology Plan
   Technology Readiness
   Technology Self Assessment Tool
   Technology Standards
   Virtual schools
District & School Accountability System
   Accelerated Improvement Plan
   Accountability Monitor
   Differentiated Needs Review
   District & School Accountability
   District accountability
   District improvement plans
   District indicators
   District monitoring
   District Plan for School Intervention
   District Reports
   District Review
   District Review Protocol
   District reviews
   District standards
   District Standards & Indicators
   District Standards & Indicators Self-Assessment
   Fact-Finding Report
   Fact-Finding Review
   Level 4 Monitoring
   Level 4 Monitoring Summative Report
   Level 4 Review
   Monitoring reports
   Recovery plan
   School & district accountability
   School accountability
   School Reports
   School Review
   Under-Performing Districts
   Under-Performing Schools
   Underperforming Districts
   Underperforming Schools
District & School Assistance Centers
   Berkshires DSAC
   Central DSAC
   District & school assistance center
   District & school assistance centers
   District and school assistance center
   District and School Assistance Centers (DSACs)
   DSAC Data Specialist
   DSAC Region
   DSAC Teams
   Greater Boston DSAC
   Northeast DSAC
   Pioneer Valley DSAC
   Regional Assistance Director
   Southeast DSAC
   Support Facilitator
District & School Turnaround
   Approved Partner List
   Chronically Underperforming
   District & School Turnaround
   District Turnaround
   External Provider Pipeline Toolkit
   Measurable Annual Goals
   Priority partner
   Priority Partners
   Priority Partners for Turnaround
   Redesign Team
   School Improvement Grant
   School redesign grant
   School Redesign Grants
   SIG Grants
   Turnaround Initiative
   Turnaround Partners
   Turnaround Plan
   Turnaround Report
Educator Licensure
   Certification Hotline
   Certification Review Panel
   Educator Licensure
   Interstate agreement
   National Association of StatDirectors of Teacher Education
   Nurses in Schools
   Prep program
   State approved program
   trade school
Educator Preparation & Assessment
   5-Step Cycle of Evaluation
   Administrative Leadership Standards
   Administrative Preparation
   Alternative Preparation
   Beginning Teacher Induction Program
   Case Study Seminars
   Diversity in Teaching
   Educator Evaluation
   Educator Evaluation Training
   Educator Preparation in Higher Education
   Educator Recognition Programs
   Educator Test
   Evaluation of Administrators
   Evaluation of Teachers
   Excellence in Teaching Program
   Five-Step Cycle of Evaluation
   Goals 2000
   Goals 2000 Preservice
   Higher Education
   Highly Qualified
   Induction Year Mentor Program
   Leadership Preparation
   Loan Forgiveness
   Master Teachers Program
   Model System for Educator Evaluation
   National Accreditation
   National Association of State Directors of Teacher Education and Certification
   National Board for Professional Teacher Standards
   National Board Program
   National Institute for School Leadership
   Northeast Regional Credential
   Performance Assessment for Leaders
   Performance Rubrics
   Professional Standards for Administrators
   Professional Standards for Librarians
   Professional Standards for Teachers
   Program Approval
   State Annual Report
   State Educator Tests
   State Teacher Tests
   Teacher Prep Approval
   Teacher Preservice program
   Teacher Shortage
   Teacher Standards
   Teacher Test
   Teacher Testing
   Teaching Excellence
   Teaching Jobs
   Tests for Teachers
   Title 2
   Title 2A
   Title II
   Title IIA
   Title Two
   Twelve to Sixty-two Plan
EOE Information Technology
   Acceptable Use Policy
   CAS lines
   cell phone bills
   cell phones
   Computer Assistance
   Computer Maintenance
   Computer Training Lab
   DOE Website
   drop box
   Information Services
   Internet Software
   School and District Profiles
   School Ratings
   Security Portal
   security portal
   telecommunication services
   telephone instructions
   web master
   web site
Financial Management
   Federal Grants
   Grant Writing Assistance
   Grants Management
   Pell Grants
   School Audit Service
Food and Nutrition Programs
   After-school snack
   CDC Demonstration Center
   CDC Training
   Center for Disease Control
   Child and Adult Care Food Program
   Claims for Reimbursement
   Demonstration & Training Centers
   Health Education
   Health Frameworks
   Healthy School Meals
   Income eligibility
   Physical Education
   Project Bread
   School Breakfast
   School Lunch Program
   School Meals Initiative
   Sex Education
   Summer Child Care
   Summer Food Service Program
   Summer Lunch Program
   Tobacco Education
   Tobacco Prevention
   Youth Risk Behavior Survey
General Counsel
   Advisory opinion
   Closed Private Schools Records
   Education Reform Act
   Educator conduct
   Educator License Revocation
   Home Education
   Home Schooling
Human Resources
   Affirmative Action
   Chapter 636
   Employment Opportunities
   Floor Chief Infomation
   Human Resources
   Labor Assistance
   Labor Relations
   Mass Retirement Board
   State Retirement Board
   Teacher Retirement Board
Instructional Support
   Advanced Placement
   Curriculum Maps
   Model Curriculum Units
Language Acquisition
   Bilingual Education Information
   Limited English Proficiency
   SEI professional development
   sheltered English immersion
   Title 3
   Title Three
   Two-way bilingual education
Literacy and Humanities
   Arts Advisory Council
   Arts Curriculum Framework
   Certificate of Mastery
   Civic Education
   Common Core Implementation
   Common Core Standards in English Language Arts and Literacy
   Curriculum Frameworks
   Curriculum Mapping Project
   Curriculum Standards
   DSAC Literacy Specialists
   English language arts
   Exchange Visitor Visa
   Foreign Languages
   Grade 3 Literacy Achievement
   History & Social Science
   Koplik Award
   Literacy Partnership Grants
   MCAS History/Social Science Development
   PARCC Educator Leader Fellows
   Portuguese Exchange Program
   Portuguese Resource Center
   Racial Imbalance Advisory Council
   Readiness Center Presentations
   Spanish Exchange Program
   Spanish Exchange Teachers
   Spanish Resource Center
   Stanley Z. Koplik Award
   Urban Literacy Leaders Network
   Urban Literacy Specialists
   Visual Arts
   Writing Standards in Action Project
Office of Planning and Research
   Board Report
   Data Report
   Education Research
   Legislative Report
   Policy Analysis
   Program Evaluations
   Program Evaluations
   Race to the Top
   Research Brief
   Research Report
   Strategic Plan
Operations Services
   air conditioning
   archive boxes
   asset inventory
   audio services
   binding work
   building issues
   carpentry work
   carpet cleaning
   cleaning services
   conference room set-up
   consumable supplies
   copier supplies
   copier toner
   copying services
   courier services
   disposal of surplus
   door knobs
   electric problems
   emergency evacuation
   equipment maintenance
   equipment purchases
   equipment supplies
   external printing
   facility management
   fax services
   fax supplies
   fire drill
   fire safety
   furniture assembly
   furniture purchases
   furniture repair
   furniture system modifications
   laser toner
   light bulbs
   meeting set-ups
   meter mail
   moving boxes
   moving services
   moving supplies
   new employee set -up
   overhead projectors
   parking billing issues
   parking passes
   plumbing problems
   police reports
   postal information
   projection screens
   record management
   recycle containers
   refrigerator cleaning
   resource material
   restroom problems
   security passes
   security system maintenance
   shipping and receiving
   special delivery mail
   surplus property
   temperature problems
   transfer of surplus
   trash removal
   vehicle maintenance
   vehicles (State)
   vending machines
   video services
   water coolers
   water leaks
Public School Monitoring
   504 Plan
   Age Span Waiver
   Alternative Compliance Waiver
   Approval Status
   Busing Sped Issues
   Chapter 71A
   Chapter 766
   Civil Rights requirements
   Collaborative Programs
   Compensatory Services
   Coordinated Program Review (CPR)
   Corrective Action Plan (CAP)
   Day School
   Disabilities Act
   Educational Liaison
   Educational Surrogate Parent (ESP)
   Enforcement of laws and regulations
   Federal Education Laws
   Home bound instruction
   Home Schooling
   Homeless Student's Rights
   Hospital bound instruction
   Individual Student Placements
   Individual Student Program (ISP)
   Learning Time
   Mass General Laws
   Mid-cycle Review (MCR)
   Parent Survey
   Parent's Rights
   Physical Restraint
   Private Day Program
   Private Special Education Schools
   Problem Resolution System
   Program Review (PR)
   Progress Reports
   Public Day Program
   Public Special Education Schools
   Residency Status
   Residential School
   School Calendar
   Section 18
   Section 28
   Section 46
   Section 504
   Sole source of care placements
   Special Ed Liaison
   Special Ed Plan (IEP)
   Special Ed procedures
   Special Ed Program approvals
   Special Education Evaluation
   Special Education Liaison
   Special Education Program approvals
   Special Transportation
   Structured Learning Time
   Student Discipline
   Student Learning Time Regulations
   Student Records
   Student Rights
   Team Evaluation
   Team Meetings
   Time on Learning
   Time Out
   Unapproved Private School Programs
   Web Based Monitoring System (WBMS)
Resource Allocation Strategy and Planning
   Accountability & Assistance Level
   Accountability Determination
   Accountability determinations
   Adequate Yearly Progress
   Commendation Schools
   Composite Performance Index
   Ed Flex
   Ed-Flex waiver
   Ed-Flex Waivers
   Elementary & Secondary Education Act
   Elementary and Secondary Education Act
   ESEA Flexibility
   ESEA Flexibility Request
   ESEA Waiver
   Federal Grants
   Flexibility request
   Flexibility waiver
   Focus Schools
   Interventions and Supports
   Level 1 District
   Level 1 School
   Level 2 District
   Level 2 School
   Level 3 District
   Level 3 School
   Level 4 District
   Level 4 School
   Level 5 District
   Level 5 School
   Maintenance of Effort
   N or D
   NCLB Choice
   NCLB Report Cards
   NCLB school choice
   NCLB Waiver
   Neglected & Delinquent
   No Child Left Behind
   Non-Public Schools
   Partners for Title I Support and Intervention
   PPI Baseline
   PPI Calculator
   PPI Criteria
   PPI Points
   PPI Target
   Priority Schools
   Private School Consultation
   Private School Services
   Program Review
   Progress & Performance Index
   Progress and performance index
   Report Cards
   Reward Schools
   School Improvement Grant Programs
   School improvement plans
   School Leader's Guide
   School percentiles
   School report cards
   Schoolwide Programs
   Sliding Scale
   supplement not supplant
   Supplement, Not Supplant
   Supplemental Educational Services
   Targeted assistance
   Targeted Assistance Programs
   time & effort
   Time & Effort Reporting
   time and effort
   Title 1
   Title I
   Title I Allocations
   Title I Directors
   Title I Dissemination Project
   Title I Funding
   Title I grants
   Title I Handbook
   Title I Part A
   Title I Part D
   Title I partner
   Title I Partners
   Title I Program Review
   Title I Quarterly Updates
   Title I Reservation
   Title I Set-Aside
   Title I Technical Assistance
School Finance
   Chapter 70
   Charter School Finance
   Cost Per Pupil
   Foundation Budget
   Foundation Reserve
   Leasing School Property
   Per Pupil Expenditure
   QZAB Bonds
   Regional Budgets
   Regional Districts
   Regional School District Regulations
   School Budget
   School Choice
   School Funding
   School Governance
   School Spending
   School Unions
   Superintendency Unions
   Supervisory Unions
   Teacher Salaries
   Tuition Agreements
Science, Technology Engineering & Mathematics
   Academically Advanced
   Advanced Placement
   Algebra guidance
   AP Fee Reduction
   Common Core Implementation
   Common Core Model Content Framework in Mathematics
   Common Core Standards in Mathematics
   Common Core State Standards
   Curriculum and Instruction
   Curriculum Mapping Project
   DSAC Mathematics Specialists
   Earth and Space Science
   Financial Literacy Education
   Financial Literacy High School Pilot Grant Program
   Gifted and Talented
   Gifted and Talented Advisory Council
   Grade 8 Mathematics Achievement
   Instruction and Curriculum
   Life Science
   Math and Literature
   Math Curriculum Framework
   Math-Science Partnerships
   Mathematics and Science Advisory Council
   Mathematics Curriculum Framework Implementation
   Mathematics Curriculum Framework Resources
   Middle School Math Initiative
   Model Curriculum Units in Mathematics
   Next Generation Science Standards
   PARCC Educator Leader Fellows
   Physical Science
   Presidential Award
   Presidential Scholars in Mathematics and Science
   Professional Development
   Professional Development Institutes
   Professional Development Points
   Readiness Center Presentations
   Science & Technology
   Science and Technology/Engineering Curriculum Framework
   Science Coordinator
   Science Curriculum Framework
   State Systemic Initiative
   Summer Institutes
   Teacher Training
   Technology/Engineering Advisory Council
   Title IIB
   Urban Mathematics Leaders Network
   Urban Mathematics Liaison Network
   Urban Mathematics Specialists
Special Education in Institutional Settings
   Eligibility Guidelines
   Focus on Attention Deficit
   Focus on Integration
   Institutional Schools Info
   Is Special Education the Right Service?
   Parent's Rights Brochure
   Special Education Documents
   Special Education Publications
Special Education Planning & Policy
   Annual Performance Report
   Disability Focus Groups
   IEP Forms
   Individualized Education Program
   Is Special Education the Right Service?
   Parent's Rights Brochure
   Special Education
   Special Education Finance
   Special Education Policy
   SPED Conferences
   SPED forms
   Sped funding
   Sped Grants
   SPED notices
   SPED Policy
   SPED State Director
   State Performance Plan
Statewide System of Support
   Conditions for School Effectiveness
   Conditions for School Effectiveness Self-Assessment
   DART Detail
   DART for Districts
   DART for Schools
   District Analysis and Review Tools
   District Data Team Toolkit
   District Data Teams
   Framework for District Accountability & Assistance
   Improvement Planning
   Improvement plans
   Learning Walks
   Performance Improvement Mapping
   PIM Process
   Regional Support
   Regional System of Support
   State System of Support
   Statewide system of support
   System of support
   Urban District Assistance
Student and Family Support
   Connecting Activities
   Gay and Lesbian Students
   High School Reform
   Homeless Assistance
   Homeless Education
   McKinney Vento
   Migrant Issues
   Safe Schools
   Student Advisory Council
   Student Senate Scholarship
   Student Support
   Teen Dating Violence
   US Senate Scholarship
   Violence Prevention
Student Assessment
   ACCESS for ELLs
   Adams Scholarship
   Alternate Assessment
   Comprehensive Assessment Program
   Comprehensive Assessment System
   Grade 3 Reading Tests
   Growth Model
   MCAS reports
   MCAS results
   MCAS Scoring
   MCAS Student Work
   National Assessment of Educational Progress
   Parent/Guardian Report
   Publications MCAS
   Student Assessment Services
   Student Testing
   test development
   test information
   test questions
   Testing Policy
   Tests for Students
   Third Grade Reading Test

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