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The Department's main number is (781) 338-3000.
All staff members and organizational units can be reached by direct dial:
(781) + 338 + (4-digit extension)

Listed alphabetically by last name:

Last NameFirst NameOrganizationFunctional TitleExtension
AbbottClaire Educator Preparation & Assessment PK-12 Educator Effectiveness Manager3253
AdreaniJennifer General CounselEducator Licensure Counsel3400
AgongCharles Public School Monitoring Monitoring Specialist3753
AhernElizabeth Public School Monitoring Training Coordinator3729
AhernJennifer Grants ManagementGrants Management Director3215
AiboutHassiba EOE Information TechnologyEnterprise App QA Lead3531
AinsworthSarah Educator LicensureCommissioner's Hotline6606
AkashianKerry College, Career & Technical EducationCoordinator for Career Development Education3948
AlladinKaren Budget & Planning Senior Fiscal Liaison6535
AllenSiobhan Educator Preparation & Assessment con. Literacy spec3230
AltineGarvy College, Career & Technical EducationCCTE Liaison3905
AlvarezIraida General CounselLegal Counsel3412
AlvarezSamantha Public School Monitoring Public Schools Monitoring Specialist3752
AnastasKerrie Education Data ServicesData Collection Support Specialist3663
AndrewsDerrick EOE Fiscal UnitFiscal Analyst6882
AnthonyJean Food and Nutrition ProgramsNutrition Research Assistant6457
AparnnaaAparnnaa EOE Information TechnologyBusiness Analyst6854
AppleyardJennifer College, Career & Technical EducationEarly Warning Specialist3909
ArunachalamNiraimathy EOE Information Technology6782
BabaAishatu DHE Office of Student Financial AssistanceTempoaray Admin Support6097
BadgettAndre Operations Services Print Room Supervisor6747
BaggAlison Charter Schools and School Redesign Director3218
BahadurSujata EOE Information Technology6786
BalterAllison Language AcquisitionSpecial Advisor OLA.3511
BarbozaStephannie DHE Office of Student Financial AssistanceSenior Assistant Director6095
BarilleAnnette College, Career & Technical EducationLEE Fellow3952
BarlowAndrea Problem Resolution SystemProblem Resolution Team Specialist3765
BarnettBarry Problem Resolution SystemProblem Resolution System Director3732
BeasleyMary Lou Student AssessmentElementary School Math Test Developer3512
BeaucheminHayley Food and Nutrition ProgramsChild Nutrition Program Reviewer6481
BelbuteChristina Approved Special Education Schools Special Education Licensing Monitor3749
BellWilliam Center for Administration & Finance Senior Associate Commissioner/CFO6528
BenbenekJeffrey Audit & ComplianceSenior Auditor6518
BennettElizabeth College, Career & Technical EducationAssociate Commissioner CCTE3949
BennettRachelle Engler Student and Family SupportAssociate Commissioner3205
BennettRebecca Student AssessmentNAEP/TIMSS Coordinator3617
BenskiDawn Center for Instructional SupportEd specialist D3235
BentleyDonavin Educator LicensureWaiver Specialist6624
BettencourtHelene Commissioner's OfficeAssociate Commissioner3120
BhasinKomal Center for Kaleidoscope Collective for LearningSenior Assoc Comm - Kaleidoscope Collect.3516
Bien-AimeCharmine Educator LicensureLicensure Call Center Rep6620
BilimoriaAhmed Food and Nutrition ProgramsFood Distribution Specialist6506
BlairThomas EOE Information Technology6877
BloomerRoberta Educator LicensureEvaluator6617
BoehmSarah Student AssessmentScience test Development Specialist3614
BogojevichDavid Office of Planning and ResearchContracted E2C Data & Policy Analyst3108
BotelhoErin Science, Technology Engineering & MathematicsAccelerating math instruction3530
BowieMegan Approved Special Education Schools Educational Speciaist3751
BowlerCatherine Student AssessmentMCAS Test Development Director3464
BrandonLinda Grants ManagementGrants Management Specialist6532
BrannKaren Approved Special Education Schools Supervisor3748
BrinckerhoffJoan Public School Monitoring Monitoring Specialist3715
BrunRobert DHE Office of Student Financial Assistance617 391 6099
BuckwalterPatrick Charter Schools and School Redesign Coordinator of Charter Renewal3208
BujoldJon-Thomas Special Education Planning & Policy SpecEd Reporting Assistant3368
BuonopaneCarmen Financial ManagementAccountant III6539
BuonopaneTalia Public School Monitoring Public Schl Monitoring Spec3763
BurkeKelly Food and Nutrition ProgramsTraining Specialist6469
Butler O'TooleJennifer Student AssessmentMS & HS ELA Test Developer3263
ButtiglieriKaren Commissioner's OfficeExecutive Assistant to the Commissioner3118
CabralHadley Brett School FinanceAnalyst6586
CabralJennyfer Grants ManagementGrant Liaison6513
CabralStacy Student and Family Support3225
CafarelliKristin Operations Services Administrative Services Coordinator6754
CalaIrene Center for District Support Fiscal Manager3552
CallaghanKatherine Center for Kaleidoscope Collective for LearningD.L. Implementation Manager3574
CallahanKerry Food and Nutrition ProgramsSchool Nutrition Programs Specialist6462
CallinanKrista DHE Office of Student Financial Assistance617 391 6074
CamachoJamie Special Education Planning & Policy Assistant Director3376
CanavanDianne Human Resources6109
CandonHeather Educator LicensureLicensure Call Center Rep6605
Capdehourat MotaVitor Commissioner's OfficeSr. Project Planner3109
CapitolinBenie Center for Strategic InitiativesEducational Specialist C3210
CarithersAmy Student AssessmentELA Test Development Director3508
CarlisleBenjamin Student AssessmentMCAS Publications Coordinator3633
CasilliDineen Center for Instructional SupportAdministrative Officer3833
CastleGail Center for Instructional SupportFiscal Analyst3807
CastnerKristin Center for District Support Educational Specialist3576
CatanzaroRichard Educator LicensureSupervisor6615
CelataElizabeth Grants ManagementGrant Program Unit Specialist6566
ChampagneErica Office of Effective Practices in TurnaroundEffective Practices in Turnaround Director3521
ChinKenzie Educator Preparation & Assessment Ed Prep Coordinator3245
ChiniquaMilligan Food and Nutrition Programs6307
ChintalaKrishna EOE Information Technology6830
ChisholmAmanda Food and Nutrition ProgramsNutrition Programs Review Specialist6483
ChiuAlexandria Resource Allocation Strategy and Planning Federal Programs Specialist3586
ChowTony EOE Information Technology6878
ChuangCliff Center for Educational Options Senior Associate Commissioner3222
ChungSue Human Resources6596
CicoliniJoia Human Resources3595
ClancyShannon Educator Preparation & Assessment Educator Effectiveness Specialist3239
ClarkKristin Special Education Planning & Policy LEA Assignment Assistant3381
ClementDavid EOE Information TechnologyOperations Information and Process Specialist6859
CohanJohanna Food and Nutrition ProgramsEducational Specialist C6452
ColemanKatherine Center for Kaleidoscope Collective for LearningProgram Operations Specialist3526
CollinsCharlene Accounts PayableFinal Report Processor6529
CollinsDanielle Food and Nutrition ProgramsFiscal Management Specialist6482
CollinsTracy Special Education Planning & Policy Administrative Assistant3375
ConditAndrea District & School TurnaroundSchool & District Turnaround Manager3549
ConeysMelinda EOE Information Technology6894
ConnellyShawn Special Education in Institutional SettingsAssistant Director781-830-8803
ConnollyAllison DHE Office of Student Financial Assistance617 391 6073
ConnollyMoira Office of Effective Practices in TurnaroundExpanded Learning Time Coordinator3525
ConwayJolanta Adult & Community Learning ServicesTeam Leader /ACLS3853
Correa Leldamy Commissioner's Office
CorthellCarole Human Resources6204
CoteAndrea Center for Strategic InitiativesAsst Dir Educational Tech3532
CourtneyDenise Food and Nutrition Programs6467
CowenChristine Student and Family Support6301
CoyneErin Educator LicensureEvaluator6661
CribbsAlexia Center for Instructional SupportManagement Analyst II3581
CroninTimothy DHE Office of Student Financial Assistance617-391-6081
CrossKathleen Resource Allocation Strategy and Planning Federal Programs Coordinator3231
CullenShannon Student AssessmentMCAS and ACCESS Assessment Specialist 3629
CunninghamKelly General CounselEducator Misconduct Investigator3425
CurranTimothy EOE Information TechnologySr Mgr Enterprise Applications6805
CurryCharmie Statewide System of SupportAssociate Commissioner3588
CurtinRobert Center for District Support Associate Commissioner3582
D'AgostinoAlbert District & School Finance Circuit Breaker Auditor6523
DahlDeborah Statewide System of SupportProgram Coordinator I3562
DaigleMartha Special Education Planning & Policy Family Engagement Coordinator3366
DaisRobert DHE Office of Student Financial Assistance617 391 6075
DaleQuinton General CounselChief of Investigations3402
DaleyDaphne Student AssessmentManagement Analyst3616
DalyKevin District Reviews and MonitoringData Analyst3520
DanielsGina EOE Information TechnologyRelease Manager6873
DanosTodd EOE Information Technology6811
DeLorenzoLee Charter Schools and School Redesign Project Coordinator3224
DemallieAnne Science, Technology Engineering & MathematicsDLCS Content Support Lead3527
DeMelinElena District & School Finance Dir. School Business Services6591
DeningerMatt Strategic Planning and Performance Management Resource Allocation Strategy & Planning Dir3117
DenisBenoit EOE Information Technology6872
DeRocheDawn Human Resources6101
DeSalvatoreLawrence College, Career & Technical EducationCCTE Liaison3953
DesirLuckner Federal AccountingFederal Grant Analyst6568
DevineBrian Educator LicensureEducator Licensure Administrator3124
DiMaioJames Charter Schools and School Redesign Data Systems Analyst3228
DoanDee Center for Administration & Finance Procurement Specialist6544
DokoGenta EOE Information TechnologyUI/UX Designer/Developer6883
DoldtDonna Accounts PayableMMARS Specialist6579
DomiganLorraine Commissioner's OfficePublic Records Analyst3116
DonieMaryann EOE Information Technology6802
EatonDonna Accounts PayableAccounts Payable Supervisor6571
EddyIsadel Student AssessmentScience & Tech/Engineering Test Developer3628
EdmondsDavid College, Career & Technical EducationCCTE Liaison3946
EiermannBrian DHE Office of Student Financial AssistanceAssistant Director for Quality Control6078
ErekosimaChristiana Educator LicensureCall center service rep6644
EstwickTamika Educator LicensureEvaluator6611
EvansJulie Public School Monitoring Educational Specialist C3754
EvansMegan Office of Planning and ResearchNon Public School Relief PC3134
EwingJane Problem Resolution SystemPRS Prog. Coord3741
FanningCatherine Problem Resolution SystemAdministrative Assistant3712
FareseChristina Problem Resolution SystemProb Resolution Team Spec3762
FariaEbonique Food and Nutrition ProgramsSchool Nutrition Programs Review Coord6461
FarmaMichael Adult & Community Learning Services3836
FarmerJoseph Education Data ServicesEducation Data Analyst6794
FdalMohamed EOE Information TechnologySenior Business Analyst / Project Manager6827
FedericoTricia Statewide System of SupportBusiness Management Specialist3502
FeinbergDonna Problem Resolution SystemProblem Resolution Specialist3731
FentonRussell Adult & Community Learning ServicesTeam Leader /ACLS3834
FernandesDarcy Commissioner's OfficeSr. Advisor to Commissioner3159
FernandezMaria Audit & ComplianceSenior Auditor6537
FinniganRichard Food and Nutrition ProgramsFood Distribution Auditor6486
FischerSusan Systems for Student Success Educational Specialist D 3365
FitzgeraldDiane Educator LicensureLicensure Call Center Rep6628
FitzgeraldPatrick General CounselEducation Legal Counsel3426
FoleyKinnon Commissioner's OfficeContracted Stategic Advisor3152
FoodmanJulia Resource Allocation Strategy and Planning Program Specialist3577
FosterRamona College, Career & Technical EducationCCTE Liaison3945
FoubertRobert EOE Information Technology6846
FrederickMaria Educator LicensureEvaluator6619
FreemanHaley Dawn Student AssessmentMS Math Test Dev & Bias Review Coordinator3636
FrehillPhilip Food and Nutrition ProgramsResource Management Program Reviewer6455
FriedmanMatthew Education Data ServicesData Collection Support Specialist6795
FritzMark District & School Finance Circuit Breaker Auditor6533
FuentesNyal College, Career & Technical EducationCollege & Career Readiness Specialist3593
GabrieleKathryn Literacy and Humanities History & Social Science Spec.6241
GainesPaulajo Charter Schools and School Redesign Educational Collaborative Coordinator3229
GantzerJacqulyn Center for Strategic InitiativesDirector of Strategic Operations3519
GarciaLeslie DHE Office of Student Financial Assistance617 391 6088
GarellJulie Problem Resolution SystemProblem Resolution Team Specialist3764
Garschina-BobrowStephen Center for Instructional SupportMathmatics Content Specialist3533
GathunguSamuel Problem Resolution SystemProb Resolution Team Spec3758
GenovesePatrick General CounselEducation Staff Attorney3418
GentileDiana Language AcquisitionManagement Analyst III3584
GerriorAlison Education Data ServicesEducation Data Analyst6872
GilliganAnne Student and Family SupportSafe & Healthy Schools Coordinator6309
GillonMarion Educator Licensure6608
GilzeneAlounso Center for Kaleidoscope Collective for LearningKaleidoscope Program & Data Specialist3518
GiovanniDanielle EOE Information Technology6837
GittelsonYvonne Adult & Community Learning ServicesACLS program specialist3852
GleesonAnn Marie Student AssessmentHistory & Social Science Test Development Coord.3802
GoldbergNechama Center for Instructional SupportFiscal Officer3805
GoldbergRachel Student AssessmentPublications Coordinator3637
GoldsteinDonna Literacy and Humanities ELA/Literacy Content Support Lead6235
GonzalesErica District & School Accountability SystemAccountability Coordinator3547
GonzalezCasandra Science, Technology Engineering & MathematicsScience Education Specialist3542
GoodNicole Food and Nutrition ProgramsSchool Wellness Specialist6473
GordonMelissa Charter Schools and School Redesign Access & Equity Specialist3209
GrahamSamantha Student and Family SupportSubstance Use Prevention & Intervention Specialist6305
Grant-WoodsCashay College, Career & Technical EducationEarly College Fiscal Mgr3947
GreeneJohn EOE Information Technology6862
GriffinMichelle School GovernanceRegional Governance and Collaborative Coordinator6515
GunningWilliam EOE Information Technology6851
GwatkinJennifer College, Career & Technical EducationEarly College Pathways Coordinator3954
HahnlAlexander DHE Office of Student Financial AssistanceAdministrative Assistant6096
HaileGeorge Problem Resolution SystemProblem Resolution Specialist3780
HaltiwangerJane Student and Family SupportEarly Learning Specialist6314
HanafinLisa Special Education Planning & Policy LEA Assignment Coordinator3367
HanafinRobert Special Education Planning & Policy 3364
HandDebra Student AssessmentMCAS-Alt Coordinator3612
HanigSandra Public School Monitoring Monitoring Specialist413-314-6707
HannaRobert School FinanceSenior Fiscal Analyst6525
HardmonLecia Accounts PayablePayment Processor6597
HarneyLisa College, Career & Technical EducationDropout Prevention & Recovery Specialist3903
HarringtonCarrie College, Career & Technical EducationBusiness Management Specialist3906
HarrisSusan General CounselEducator Licensure Counsel3424
HarrisonMegda Literacy and Humanities Instructional Policy Lead6243
Hashimoto-MartellErin Science, Technology Engineering & MathematicsActing Associate Commissioner 3551
HavdalaRobert Student AssessmentDir of District & School Accountability3641
HayesStacey Problem Resolution SystemPRS Specialist3716
HeathTreshonna DHE Office of Student Financial AssistanceGEAR UP Program Assistant6079
Hennessy-KowalchekMichelle Public School Monitoring Monitoring Specialist413-314-6709
HenriquesReuben Literacy and Humanities History&Social Science Lead6237
HernandezMaria Center for Instructional SupportInstructional Policy Specialist3557
HershRuth Charter Schools and School Redesign Assistant Director of Educational Collaboratives3211
HidalgoThomas Public School Monitoring Monitoring Specialist413 314-6708
HigginsBreanna Strategic Transformation Targeted Assistance Manager3568
HigginsKara Education Data ServicesEducation Data Analyst6798
HoangLien Research and Evaluation 3534
HoganCaitlin Special Education Planning & Policy Education Specialist C3361
HolfortyColleen Resource Allocation Strategy and Planning Federal Programs Fiscal Data Specialist3522
HopkinsAlyssa Charter Schools and School Redesign New Schools Development Manager3219
HowardGerald Educator LicensureAsst. Dir Educator Licensure6623
HowardKaitlyn Food and Nutrition ProgramsEducational Specialist C6460
HughesSibel Language AcquisitionAssistant Director3569
HuntKristin Commissioner's OfficeMass Early College Director3110
IacopucciJennifer District & School Finance Circuit Breaker Auditor6527
IliescuClaudia Student Assessment3606
ImmSayannarith EOE Information Technology6809
IrrgangVivian DHE Office of Student Financial Assistance617 391 6077
JacksonStacy District Reviews and MonitoringProgram Coordinator3553
JainMarnie College, Career & Technical EducationCCTE Liaison3908
JamersonPhylitia Commissioner's OfficeExecutive Director of Early College3138
JeongEsther Charter Schools and School Redesign 3206
JohnsonKhalilah Approved Special Education Schools Special Ed Monitoring Liaison3747
JohnsonSimone Student AssessmentMath Test Development Director3501
JohnstonKaren District & School Assistance CentersRegional System of Support Coordinator3539
JohnstonRussell Center for District Support Senior Associate Commissioner3564
JonesAlex Science, Technology Engineering & MathematicsScience Specialist3540
JonkerJean Problem Resolution SystemPRS Specialist3726
JordanRaven College, Career & Technical EducationLEE Fellow3952
JouJulia Budget & Planning Budget Director6589
JudsonRebekah Literacy and Humanities History and SocSci Coord6236
JurigianPaula Adult & Community Learning ServicesProgram Specialist C3837
KabarePriya Audit & ComplianceSenior Auditor6541
KaczynskiKevin Food and Nutrition ProgramsNutrition Application Support & Data Specialist6459
KalchbrennerDerek Adult & Community Learning ServicesCollege & Career Readiness Program Specialist3812
KanakarajuGanesh EOE Information Technology6828
KandjangaFabrice Science, Technology Engineering & MathematicsMath Content Specialist3558
KaneDanielle Center for District Support Outreach & Engagement Specialist3594
KarasNancy ProcurementProcurement Liaison6514
KatzRosanne Educator Licensure6618
KazangianGary EOE Information TechnologyLead Business Analyst6861
KeaneCarolyn EOE Fiscal UnitBusiness Systems Analyst6860
KeenanLisa EOE Information TechnologyIT Operations Manager 6893
KelleyR. Scott Student AssessmentAnalyst3591
KierChristopher Student AssessmentMCAS Publications Specialist3809
KihikoJesee Public School Monitoring Monitoring Specialist3745
KinaciSuzan EOE Information Technology6871
KingGlenn Education Data ServicesData Quality Specialist6804
KingsberyGrace Center for Instructional SupportContracted Ed. Prep. Assoc.3234
KirbyDavid Federal AccountingFederal Revenue Specialist6534
KirovaDessi Resource Allocation Strategy and Planning Federal Grants Specialist3132
KiserDamon EOE Information Technology6880
KodakSamantha Language AcquisitionLanguage Acq. Specialist3561
KokeragaddaRajasekhar EOE Information TechnologyOracle Database Developer6814
KokoWinnie Public School Monitoring Monitoring Specialist3736
KraftPeggy EOE Information Technology6815
KrukonisAmy Public School Monitoring Educational Specialist D3725
KwokEdith EOE Fiscal UnitSecretariat CFO6887
LabrieNancy Resource Allocation Strategy and Planning Federal Grant Programs Specialist3536
LacGrace EOE Fiscal UnitAP Analyst6886
LaghettoJoanna Charter Schools and School Redesign Finance & Data Coordinator3221
LamSylvia Center for Strategic InitiativesStrat Initiatives Metco Spec3567
LangeGillian Center for Instructional SupportPublic School Monitoring Specialist3246
LangloisRoseann District & School Finance Auditor School Business Services6570
LaVitaNicholas EOE Information Technology6848
LazarovichMeaghan Human Resources6104
LeBlancKathy General CounselEducation Specialist (Contract)3411
LeeRobert Student AssessmentChief Analyst3583
LeitzJessica Commissioner's OfficeExternal Partnerships Director3103
LeMarbreJoan Adult & Community Learning ServicesProfessional Development Specialist3842
LeonardTim EOE Information TechnologyIT Project Manager6879
LeshinRobert Food and Nutrition ProgramsFood & Nutrition Programs Director6477
LewisJoretha Educator Preparation & Assessment Educator Effectiveness Coord(413) 314-6715
LiffersHannah Food and Nutrition ProgramsSpecial Nutrition Program Specialist6485
LilleyAlex Resource Allocation Strategy and Planning Planning Coordinator6212
LitiZhaneta Special Education Planning & Policy Spec Ed Curr Instr Assmnt Sup3379
LiuEmily Accounts PayablePayment Processor6592
LiuJinming EOE Information Technology6812
LiuYi-Juin Student and Family SupportSpecial Education Specialist6312
LoDucaKelsey Problem Resolution SystemProblem Resolution Specialist3743
LoiselleCheryl District & School Finance Sr.Fiscal Analyst6517
LongSteve Student AssessmentScience & Tech/Engineering Test Developer3613
LoobyCaitlin General CounselLegal Counsel3400
LopezOlga Student and Family SupportFamily Engagement Specialist6315
LoseeElizabeth Educator Preparation & Assessment Director3264
LouisJennifer EOE Information Technology6822
LucienPierre Office of Planning and ResearchEarly College Strategic Data Proj Mgr.3130
LynchChristine District & School Finance 6520
LynchSimone Resource Allocation Strategy and Planning Federal Grant Programs Director3123
MacKenzieAndrew Public School Monitoring PSM Team Supervisor3761
MagloireJudith Language AcquisitionLanguage Acquisition Specialist3571
MaguireToby Adult & Community Learning ServicesAssistant Director3814
MajigoudarSahana EOE Information TechnologyQA Analyst6829
MalonsonJennifer Student AssessmentMiddle School ELA Test Developer3626
ManaresMelanie Student AssessmentEnglish Proficiency Assessment Coordinator3573
ManiaciLenore Student and Family Support6321
MarcellaJudith Student AssessmentAssessment Publications & Records Specialist3608
MarcheseNina Approved Special Education Schools Director3711
MarinoMelissa Education Data ServicesData Collection Supervisor6797
MartineauTracey Literacy and Humanities ELA/Literacy Content Support Lead(413) 519-8426
MazzarellaSusan Resource Allocation Strategy and Planning Fiscal Compliance Coordinator3587
McCurdyClantha DHE Office of Student Financial Assistance617 391 6098
McDermottElana Office of Planning and ResearchResearch and Policy Analyst3121
McDonaldMichael Public School Monitoring Public School Monitoring Specialist3746
McDonaldRobert Federal AccountingFederal Accounting & Reporting Manager6577
McDonieAndy (David) Language AcquisitionEducational Specialist C3541
McGregorRobert Student AssessmentTest Administration Specialist3619
McKinnonKristen Student and Family SupportAssistant Director, Student and Family Support6306
McLoughlinPeter Food and Nutrition ProgramsFinancial Manager6454
McMahonErin Commissioner's OfficeSenior Advisor Commissioner3138
Meehan RooneyKelly Center for Educational Options Early Learning Program Mgmt. Specialist6334
MelaragniRobert EOE Information Technology6889
MelloRena Problem Resolution SystemContracted PRS Specialist3759
MeloLorena Student AssessmentAssessment Program Coordinator3638
MichelZaida DHE Office of Student Financial Assistance617 391 6089
MiddletonOfa Liz Office of Planning and ResearchP20W Equity&Research Mgr3127
MilliganChiniqua Student and Family SupportSchool Health Analyst6307
MojkowskiRhonda Problem Resolution SystemProblem Resolution Specialist3714
MonacoDiane Education Data ServicesData Collection Support Specialist6838
MondalSandip EOE Information Technology6806
MontaltoHeather Problem Resolution SystemProb Resolution Team Spec3744
MontesMarisol Food and Nutrition ProgramsBusiness Management Specialist6494
MontoyaSusan Student and Family SupportContractor6311
MoralesMary General CounselLegal Program Coordinator3429
MorganLindsey Education Data ServicesEducation Data Analyst6840
MorrisJoanne Approved Special Education Schools Monitoring Specialist3722
MuiPeggy Human Resources6102
MunozVictoria Grants Management6575
Munoz-BennettTrue Educator LicensureEvaluator6602
MurgidaHelen Approved Special Education Schools Approvals & Complaint Specialist3713
MurphyMichael Food and Nutrition ProgramsFood Distribution Specialist6542
NarvaezMarie Adult & Community Learning ServicesProgram Specialist3847
NdakaluHenry Public School Monitoring Public Schools Monitoring Specialist 3706
NduatiMoses Approved Special Education Schools Approvals & Complaint Specialist3707
NealHolly-Anne Special Education Planning & Policy IEP Revision Coordinator3362
NesterchukGalina District & School Finance Sr. Fiscal Analyst6524
NewquistBrian Adult & Community Learning ServicesData & Statistical Analyst3804
NguyenThuydung EOE Fiscal UnitFiscal Analyst6897
NilesNicole General CounselAdministrative Assistant3414
NixonMatthew Problem Resolution SystemProblem Resolution Specialist3733
NortonDaniele EOE Information Technology6839
O'BrienBobby Earle Digital LearningInstructional Designer3259
O'BrienMaureen Human Resources6107
O'Brien-DriscollCourtney EOE Information Technology6790
O'DonnellRobert District & School Finance School Finance Director6512
O'DwyerBrian Communications and Board Relations Video Production Coordinator3113
O'LearyMark Food and Nutrition ProgramsResource Management Program Reviewer6472
O'RiordanJames Operations Services Administrative Services Coordinator6744
OriakhiEtse Center for Instructional SupportAuditor Special Education3382
OwensAndrew Financial ManagementGrants Management Specialist6567
OzolsBaiba Education Data ServicesData Collection Support Specialist6831
PamphileJanice Charter Schools and School Redesign Accountability Specialist3249
PanJia Student AssessmentELA Test Dev. Specialist3623
PaolilloDean Problem Resolution SystemPRS Team Supervisor3703
ParkerDavid District & School Assistance CentersDistrict & School Assistance Centers Manager3466
PatrickLisa Adult & Community Learning ServicesACLS Program Specialist3813
PaulinAmy Public School Monitoring Asst. Director of PSM3737
PellegriniJillian DHE Office of Student Financial AssistanceAssociate Director6076
PelychatyRobert Student AssessmentAccommodations & Competency Portfolio Coord3627
PeoplesShelagh Research and Evaluation Psychometric Coordinator3119
PerezStephanie DHE Office of Student Financial Assistance617 391 6082
PericNermina Public School Monitoring Office Management Specialist3708
PerryMichelle Adult & Community Learning ServicesACLS Program Specialist3803
PhilpotBrian EOE Information TechnologySr App Architect6855
PickensAllsion Literacy and Humanities ELA Content Specialist6240
Pierre-LouisWoodly Literacy and Humanities ELA/Literacy Support Specialist6238
PimentelCarmen General CounselInvestigator3413
PinaEveliny Educator Preparation & Assessment 3250
PisaturoDonna Student and Family SupportEducation Specialist3322
PodmoreAlaena Public School Monitoring Public School Monitoring Spec413 314 6706
PoissonRenee College, Career & Technical EducationEarly College3904
PondChristine Student and Family SupportBehavioral/Mental Health Spc3611
PopeBarbara Adult & Community Learning ServicesOffice Coordinator3870
PrenovitzAmy General CounselInvestigator3400
PuopoloJoanne EOE Fiscal UnitBudget Director6885
QuinnPeter EOE Information Technology6875
RagsdaleDavid Student AssessmentTest Security Specialist3622
RahaMeto Science, Technology Engineering & MathematicsMathematics Content Support Specialist3548
RajanSriram EOE Information Technology3896
RamuSuresh EOE Information Technology6849
Rastogi-KellyVandana Public School Monitoring Public School Monitoring Director3728
RaymondShannon Food and Nutrition Programs6471
ReboloElvio EOE Information Technology6841
RegoAlbano Educator Preparation & Assessment Fiscal Officer3261
ReidyDanielle Food and Nutrition ProgramsSchool Nutr Progs Review Coord6479
ReisJacqueline Communications and Board Relations Media Relations Coordinator3115
ResetaritsJacob Resource Allocation Strategy and Planning Fed Programs Support Spc.3589
ResnickKaryl Student and Family Support21st Century Comm Learning Ctrs Prog Coord3515
RicottaAndrea Systems for Student Success 3556
RigneyLatsada Budget & Planning Sr. Budget Analyst6531
RileyJeffrey Commissioner's OfficeCommissioner3100
RipleyDanika Student AssessmentElem ELA MCAS Test Developer3631
RistApril Center for Instructional SupportAsst. Director SEPP3372
RobertsJannelle Approved Special Education Schools Assisant Director, OASES3738
RobidouxMatthew Audit & ComplianceAudit Supervisor6545
RobinsonRegina Commissioner's OfficeDeputy Commissioner3104
RodriguezKathleen Adult & Community Learning ServicesTeam Leader3846
RodriguezMinerva Educator LicensureSupervisor6613
RodriguezVentura Center for Strategic InitiativesManagement Consultant3223
Rodriguez-AlfonsoLaura General CounselLegal Fellow3423
RomancewiczChristine Approved Special Education Schools Specialized Programs Liaison3723
RoqueMarissa Student AssessmentMCAS Civics Test Dvlp Spec3624
RosenRachel Problem Resolution SystemProb Resolution Team Spec3760
Rounds BloomEleanor Resource Allocation Strategy and Planning 3128
RoyerAlycia Grants ManagementGrants Management Specialist6574
RyanMichelle Center for Kaleidoscope Collective for LearningDeeper Learning Implementation Manager3251
Ryan-CiardielloMaura Human ResourcesHR Project Coordinator6106
SadineniManasa EOE Information Technology6783
SaffordTonya Educator LicensureBusiness Manager6642
SagovSadye Educator Preparation & Assessment Educator Effectiveness Specialist3237
SahniAmrita Commissioner's OfficeDeputy Chief of Staff3105
SandelKate Research and Evaluation Senior Policy Analyst3126
SandlerLisa College, Career & Technical EducationStatewide Initiatives Coord.3956
SantiagoAnibal Commissioner's OfficeExecutive Assistant to Commissioner3118
SantosTaciane Educator Preparation & Assessment Ed Effectiveness Spc3236
SarantopoulosRegina Problem Resolution SystemOffice Support Specialist3859
SaruciaSandra Educator Preparation & Assessment Educator Preparation Effectiveness Lead3247
SauriolJennifer Science, Technology Engineering & MathematicsEducational Specialist C3580
ScafidiChristine DHE Office of Student Financial AssistanceGEAR UP STEM/Workforce Development Coordinator617-391-6083
ScarcelliFabio Approved Special Education Schools Administrative Support3724
SchneiderRhoda General CounselGeneral Counsel & Senior Associate Commissioner(781) 338-3410
ScolaNicole Science, Technology Engineering & MathematicsSTE Content Support Lead3585
ScullyShannon Center for Administration & Finance Director of Business Services6538
SedlackoIrene Food and Nutrition ProgramsSpecial Nutrition Programs Coordinator6458
SenioTheresa Special Education in Institutional SettingsStatewide SEIS Program Specialist3306
SeshRamesh EOE Information Technology6791
SewnarineLinda Literacy and Humanities Asst Dir of Literacy6242
SeymourMichael Center for District Support Program Specialist3514
ShannonDonna Financial ManagementFinancial Planning Director6505
Sharpe-PorterAshley Center for Kaleidoscope Collective for LearningImplementation Mgr3578
ShatfordKimberly General CounselLegal Contracted employee3435
SheaferDavid EOE Information Technology6612
SheehanMarie Commissioner's OfficeExecutive Assistant3201
ShenAnping Student AssessmentAnalyst3640
ShorRebecca Systems for Student Success Systems for Student Success Director3559
SinKei EOE Information Technology6895
SinghAman EOE Information Technology.NET Developer6835
SinghHarpreet EOE Information Technology6845
SlautterbackSarah Student and Family SupportHomeless Education State Coordinator6330
SlaytonAbigail District & School Assistance CentersRegional System of Support Program Specialist3517
SlezingerMarina EOE Information Technology6844
SmithAllison Ward Student and Family SupportEducation & Data Specialist3232
SmithKhalia Food and Nutrition ProgramsNutrition Programs Review Specialist6468
SmithNicole College, Career & Technical EducationAsst. Director CCTE3951
Smith - NwachukuJoeatta Adult & Community Learning ServicesACLS Fiscal program specialist3839
Smith-SparksJulian Office of Planning and ResearchUX Designer3125
SmithneyClaire Center for Instructional SupportEducator Effectiveness Coordinator3213
SocolowAmy Food and Nutrition ProgramsSpecial Nutrition Programs Specialist6488
SpadaforaJonathan Problem Resolution SystemBusiness Management Specialist3709
SpecialeSuzanne Adult & Community Learning ServicesProgram Specialist6351
StapelMichol Student AssessmentAssociate Commissioner3610
SteenlandDeborah General CounselDeputy General Counsel3400
SteeverCorrine Office of Planning and ResearchInnova. Assement Project Mgr3141
SteinmanCorey Public School Monitoring Monitoring Specialist3742
StevensMelanie Financial Management6519
Stevens-CarterWyvonne Adult & Community Learning ServicesState Adult Education Director/ACLS3835
StewartBrenton Charter Schools and School Redesign School Development & Data Specialist3214
StinsonKathy EOE Fiscal Unit6817
StithIan Science, Technology Engineering & MathematicsMathematics Content Support Lead(413) 237-8537
StroudOlympia Adult & Community Learning ServicesHS Equivalency Office Specialist6625
StrzesakJaqueline Educator LicensureCall center service rep6643
SudalaiyandiRajasingh EOE Information TechnologySenior Director Enterprise Applications6876
SullivanCourtney Commissioner's Office3112
SullivanJay District & School Finance Associate Commissioner6594
SullivanRebecca Special Education in Institutional SettingsSEIS Management Analyst3303
SultanKhabeer EOE Information Technology6792
SuttonSandra EOE Information Technology6836
SuwalNavin EOE Information TechnologySharepoint Project manager6853
SwintonAmena Educator LicensureLicense Renewal Specialist3238
SylviaDiane Food and Nutrition Programs6464
TarcaKatherine Literacy and Humanities Director6239
TavernierLoToya Center for Educational Options CCTE Pathways Liaison3957
TaylorAnthony General CounselEd. Misconduct Investigator3408
TaylorDonna Food and Nutrition ProgramsFood Distribution Specialist6320
TaylorEmily Student and Family SupportEarly Learning & Safe & Supportive Sch. Specialist6313
TaylorKathy DHE Office of Student Financial Assistance617 391 6071
TeixeiraChristine Special Education in Institutional Settings781-830-8775
TeixeiraSally Food and Nutrition ProgramsSpecial Nutrition Program Specialist6304
ThistlewoodJacqueline Human ResourcesHR Business Partner6110
ThomasArabela General CounselAssociate General Counsel3400
ThomasCorinne Student AssessmentDistrict Review Support Specialist3621
ThomasMichelle Office of Planning and ResearchFederal Programs Support Spc.3575
ThompsonJane Student AssessmentMCAS Publications Specialist3618
TobeyGregory Special Education Planning & Policy Educational Specialist3378
TomlinsonStefany Educator Preparation & Assessment Educator Effectiveness Coordinator3252
TorresKristen Food and Nutrition ProgramsSpecial Nutrition Programs Specialist6453
TraynhamDonna Student and Family SupportEarly Learning Team Lead6372
TroppeMarie Adult & Community Learning ServicesProf. Development Sys.Spc.3840
TurayDaniel Education Data ServicesData Quality Analyst6787
TuttleJoan District & School TurnaroundDistrict & School Turnaround Director3565
TwomeyPaula Problem Resolution SystemPRS Team Supervisor3730
VaillancourtJudith Problem Resolution SystemProblem Resolution Specialist3750
ValadeDavid Language AcquisitionLanguage Acquisition Support Lead6711
ValchuisJoseph Audit & ComplianceSenior Auditor6516
ValcourJulianna Food and Nutrition ProgramsSchool Nutri Programs Coord6465
ValcourtKristin General CounselDeputy General Counsel3400
VanSadasy EOE Information Technology6856
VandeVeerErin Public School Monitoring Monitoring Specialist3735
VaronJoshua General CounselLegal Counsel3400
Varzan-ParkerDana Adult & Community Learning ServicesProgram & Assessment Specialist3811
VeluMano EOE Information Technology6852
VentroneNicole College, Career & Technical EducationCCTE LEE Fellow3907
VerdolinoJames Student AssessmentHigh School Math Test Developer3544
ViscovichMelissa Adult & Community Learning ServicesStrategic Initiatives Spec.3816
Walker-WrightDavina Problem Resolution SystemIntake Coordinator3705
WallEmily DHE Office of Student Financial Assistance617 391 6072
WallLucy General CounselAssociate General Counsel3400
WanYu-Mui District & School Accountability SystemAccountability Data & Research Specialist3579
WangGrace Center for Instructional SupportInstructional Support Lead3243
WangLing Budget & Planning Sr. Budget Analyst6536
WangZeyang (Mark) EOE Information Technology6867
WardLucinda Food and Nutrition ProgramsFood Distribution Coordinator6466
WashingtonEric Center for Strategic InitiativesDiv. Cul. Responsive Mgr.3538
WatermanCraig Center for Instructional SupportStrategy & Integration Assistant Director3244
WebbAubree Educator Preparation & Assessment Educator Effectiveness Policy Analyst3248
WebbEmily Food and Nutrition ProgramsEducational Specialist C6470
WebberKristina Food and Nutrition Programs6464
WeinsteinLisa College, Career & Technical EducationCCTE Liaison3955
WelbyKate General CounselLicensure Counsel II3405
WellerCraig Education Data Services6863
WhiteStacey EOE Information TechnologySys Programmer/Sys Supv.6804
WilkinsonJames Educator LicensureVocational Licensure Specialist6614
WilliamsMelissa Grants ManagementGrant Liaison6233
WilliamsTonya Human ResourcesHR Business Partner6112
WillisJonna ProcurementDirector of Procurement6510
WilsonBelinda Food and Nutrition ProgramsSchool Meal Programs Training Specialist6478
WilsonTimothy Educator LicensureEvaluator6603
WiseAquarius District & School Finance Program Coordinator6526
WomackLynda Approved Special Education Schools Special Ed Monitoring Liaison3740
WooLauren Center for District Support Strategic Transformation Director3563
Woo DerCheryl Accounts PayablePayment Processor6580
WoodfordJenny Commissioner's OfficeDirector of Development & Marketing3193
WuJennifer Strategic Transformation Strat. Transformation Asst Mgr3566
WyattDee Public School Monitoring Monitoring Specialist3794
YacintheJeff Operations Services Administrative Services Coordinator6751
YaffeDara Problem Resolution SystemProb Resolution Team Spec3756
YanElle EOE Information TechnologyProgram Manager6773
YangHua School Finance6581
YangYi Student AssessmentSenior Analyst3605
YeeWayne Adult & Community Learning ServicesACLS Program Specialist3838
YelamanchiliKrishna EOE Information TechnologyContractor6881
YoungPaul Operations Services Administrative Services Coordinator6746
YuXin Educator LicensureEvaluator6626
ZalkJodie Student AssessmentManager of Test Admin & Publications3676
ZermaniLauren Education Data ServicesProgram Coordinator6796
ZinitiBridget Food and Nutrition ProgramsSchool Nutrition Programs Specialist6496
ZorichLindsay Educator Preparation & Assessment Educator Effectiveness Specialist3233
ZorichThomas Center for Strategic InitiativesDirector of Strategic Initiatives3528
ZouDong EOE Information Technology6833
ZouZong Hui Systems for Student Success Data & System Analyst Information Designer3377
ZrikeStephen Commissioner's Office3100

Last Updated: October 27, 2021

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