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Program Approval Guidelines Updates

The Massachusetts Guidelines for Educator Preparation Program Approval detail expectations for preparation providers in the Commonwealth. The guidelines include requirements for expected outcomes of training new educators as well as the process providers go through to demonstrate their capacity and sustainability in preparing individuals in alignment with those expectations.

After a transformative and effective overhaul of this accountability system in 2012 that all providers have now gone through, DESE will further deepen and evolve these expectations and procedures in the coming years. Read more in the below memos:

DESE also provided an update on the progress towards the revisions at the MACTE Convening on December 8, 2022.

During the 2022-2023 academic year, DESE will be partnering with the Principal and Teacher Advisory Cabinet, Educational Personnel Advisory Council, and Ed Prep Advisory Group to collect feedback to inform the program approval revisions.

Information about the agenda for each Ed Prep Advisory Group session will be posted below following each meeting:

The anticipated academic year for each Sponsoring Organization's next review can be found in this Anticipated Review Timelines document.

Guidelines for Program Approval Rollout Plan

  • Late January/early February 2023: Guidelines will be released for Public Comment. These Guidelines will contain all high-level updates, including revised program approval criteria and an overview of the revised formal review process.
  • February – March 2023: DESE will host in-person and virtual Roundtables for Educator Preparation personnel, families, and students to encourage and facilitate robust public comment on the Guidelines.
  • April 2023 – May 2023: DESE will host domain-specific Information Sessions for Educator Preparation personnel from all Sponsoring Organizations to present and clarify the expectations of each criterion and provide a high-level overview of evidence collection.
  • Late Summer/Early Fall 2023: DESE will host a Bootcamp for Cohort A Sponsoring Organizations. Cohort A will receive more detailed information about the review process, key dates and timelines, and types of evidence that will be collected for each criterion.

Please reach out to with any questions.

Overall Expectations
SectionActive VersionAnticipated Timeline for Updates
Context & Purpose2016 Version Fall 2022
Stakeholders2016 Version Fall 2022
Program Approval Standards & Review Criteria2016 Version Spring 2023
Field-Based Experiences2016 Version Spring 2023
Performance Assessments2016 Version Spring 2023
Implementing Waivers 2016 Version Spring 2023
Annual Reporting2016 Version Spring 2023
Public Reporting2016 Version Spring 2023
New Section:
Instruction Focus and Program Level Expectations
 Winter 2023
Review & Approval Process
SectionActive VersionAnticipated Timeline for Updates
Program Approval Overview and DESE Role2016 Version Summer 2022
National Accreditation & State Approval2016 Version Summer 2022
Review Intro2016 Version Spring 2023
Informal Review2016 Version Summer 2022
Formal Review2016 Version Summer 2023
Interim Review of Approved Programs2016 Version Summer 2022
Decision-making, Criteria Ratings, and Domain Recommendations2016 Version Spring 2023
Approval Determinations2016 Version Summer 2022
Status Designations2016 Version Summer 2022
SectionActive VersionAnticipated Timeline for Updates
Glossary of Terms2016 Version As needed
Appendix A: Regulations Governing Program Approval2016 Version No change
Appendix B: Review Criteria2016 Version Spring 2023
Appendix C: Program Approval Standards and Domain Crosswalk 2016 Version No change
Appendix D: Continuous Improvement Cycle2016 Version Summer 2022
Appendix E: Delivery Models2016 Version Summer 2022
New Appendices:
  • Curricular Literacy Resources
  • Teacher Educator Practice
  • List of Supporting Guidelines
  Spring 2023

Last Updated: January 23, 2023

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