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Office of Educational Technology (EdTech)

Equitable Access

EdTech Goal 1: Expand equitable access to technology, including sufficient bandwidth, 1:1 devices, and high-quality digital materials and experiences.

Featured Resources and Partnerships

The Learning Accelerator Digital Equity Guide

The Learning Accelerator's Digital Equity Guide helps education leaders engage in meaningful, actionable conversations about digital equity and develop concrete plans. It consists of four sections: starting, classroom equity, essential conditions, and progress, along with two customizable tools: a self-assessment and a reflection/planning workbook. In an era where technology is integral to education, the guide supports ensuring all students receive a tailored education. Explore the guide for further insights.

Connect K-12

Connect K-12 is a free tool that aggregates, analyzes, and visualizes E rate data. The FY2022 FCC e-rate Form 471 data shows that currently 74% of MA school districts are at the FCC recommended bandwidth goal of 1 Mbps/student.

Bar chart spanning 2016 to 2023 showing Massachusetts School Districts at 1 Mbps per student compared to the national data for the same time frame. In 2016, the data shows 14% of school districts at 1 mbps per student while Massachusetts is at 4% of districts at 1 Mbps per student. In 2017, the national percentage rises to 22%, while MA rises to 5%. In 2018, the national percentage raises to 28% while the MA percentages increase by only 3 % up to 8%. 2019 shows a larger increase in both the national and MA percentages landing at 38% and 18% respectively. 2020 shows the national percentage at 47% while Massachusetts is at 31%. In 2021 Massachusetts makes large gains in this data raising the percentage to 57% of all schools at 1 mbps per student with the national data showing 60%. In 2022, Massachusetts shows as being as close to the national data as it ever had in the past. In 2022, the national data shows 67% with Massachusetts close behind at 63%. Finally, the 2023 data shows both the national and Massachusetts percentage of districts at 1 mbps per student at 74%.

Related Publications

  • COSN launched the Digital Equity Dashboard, "an innovative and practical tool designed to help school districts and communities leverage data to close digital equity gaps. The powerful instrument integrates various national data sets into one comprehensive dashboard."

  • K12Six provides free Cybersecurity Resources. Learn more about The K12 SIX Essentials Series which includes three new resources this year:
    • K12 SIX Essential Cybersecurity Protections for the 2023-2024 School Year: What K–12 Leaders Need to Know
    • K12 SIX Essential Cybersecurity Protections for the 2023-2024 School Year: Implementation Standards
    • K12 SIX Cybersecurity District Self-Assessment Tool for the 2023-2024 School Year

  • Digital Promise"When used effectively, technology can greatly contribute to creating equity in schools. It removes barriers to learning materials, supports students where they are across varied learning contexts and needs, and gives educators more insight into the learning environments they're creating." Read the whole article, How Access to Technology Can Create Equity in Schools.

Additional Support

  • E-Rate — The Schools and Libraries (E-rate) program provides funding towards eligible services for schools and libraries. Public or private schools (K-12), libraries, and groups of schools and libraries (e.g., consortia, districts, systems) can apply for discounts on eligible services. Internet access, telecommunications services, and related equipment are eligible for discounts.

  • Assistive Technology — DESE's Assistive Technology and Accessibility site offers resources on assistive technology, providing accessible materials, audiobook services, and more.

Last Updated: January 3, 2024

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