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Sending in Required Documents

What if my documents have a different name, e.g., maiden name?
Name changes require verification and cannot be performed online. Please complete the 'Name Change' form, found on our Guidelines & Resources section and provide official proof of your name change (a copy of a marriage certificate, Social Security card, U.S. passport, or Driver's License.). In addition, please ensure that all documents submitted include your MEPID number, educator license number, or Social Security number. There is no fee associated with a name change.

If I send additional documents after I submit my application, will they be added to my file?
Yes, documents received after you submit your application will be scanned into your ELAR profile. Please include your full name and educator license number, social security number, or MEPID number on all documents. You may either upload additional documents to your profile in ELAR (fastest processing time) or mail them to the Office of Educator Licensure at 135 Santilli Highway, Everett, MA 02149 (additional processing time required).

I submitted my required documents with a previous licensure application. Do I have to re-send them?
Documents previously sent to the Office of Educator Licensure are scanned into your file and do not need to be sent again. However, documents received before the use of ELAR may not be in your profile. If your documents were sent prior to 2002, please check with us to see if we still have them; if not, you may need to resubmit required missing materials. If you have completed any additional education, please forward official transcripts to the Office of Educator Licensure.
You can see a description of the documents received in support of your license application(s) by accessing your ELAR account. On your ELAR 'Welcome' page, select the "Check license status and history, make a payment" option. From there, select the "View Documents" button on the lower half of the "Inquiry - Activity Summary" page.

Are grade reports or internet printouts of college/university transcripts sufficient documents for Academic license applications?
No. Please submit official transcripts signed by the college/university Registrar. In order to verify a degree requirement, transcripts must show the degree and the date conferred on a transcript from the awarding institution.

Do transcripts have to be sent directly from my college or university?
No. Official transcripts may be sent from either you or your college/university. If you send a copy of your official transcript(s) to the Office of Educator Licensure, please ensure that your MEPID, Social Security number, or license number is included with/on the transcript. In order to verify a degree requirement, transcripts must show the type of degree and date degree was conferred.
An official transcript/copy of official transcript must show the registrar's signature. Note: transcripts sent directly to the applicant from eSCRIP SAFE, (or any other provider of electronic transcripts) that lack a Registrar's signature, are not considered official transcripts for the purpose of licensure.)

What is the fastest way to send in required documentation?
Detailed information specific to how to send in required documents including directions on how to upload documents directly into your ELAR account can be found on our Applying for/Checking the Status of a License page. Click on the hyperlink in the previous sentence or go to the main page of our website and click on the Applying for/Checking the Status of a License link under the Most Requested heading.

Last Updated: September 30, 2018

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