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Educator Evaluation

Model Rubric Updates

Since first releasing the Model System for Educator Evaluation in 2012, and in accordance with the Department's responsibility to update the model system to ensure its role as an exemplar framework for use by Massachusetts districts, DESE has engaged with a wide range of stakeholders to support its ongoing refinement and continuous improvement.

  • In 2018, DESE released updated model rubrics for teachers, principals and other school-level administrators that streamlined content, clarified language, and strengthened alignment to the important day-to-day work of teaching and leading.
  • In 2019, DESE updated the Model System guidance and resources to align to regulatory amendments that removed the Student Impact Rating and added the Student Learning Indicator.

In 2023 and 2024, DESE will release newly updated model rubrics for school level administrators and teachers that integrate and strengthen culturally and linguistically sustaining practices1 within the Standards of Effective Teaching and Administrative Leadership.

Rubric Update Project Overview

The rubric updates are grounded in DESE's Educational Vision for effective teaching and leadership, and reflect input from educators, students, and families across Massachusetts on antiracist, inclusive, and equitable practices that support all students to attain academic knowledge and skills, understand and value themselves and others, and engage with the world.

Once released, districts may adopt or adapt the new model rubrics, or use a comparably rigorous and comprehensive rubric.

DESE hosted an informational webinar on June 8, 2023. You can access the presentation or a recording of the webinar to learn more about the model rubric updates and pilots.

Update Process

The rubrics were updated though a collaborative process involving multiple cycles of input and feedback from educators, students, families, and community stakeholders:

  1. In 2021-22, DESE facilitated roundtables of students and families to discuss the characteristics and practices of great teachers and school leaders.
  2. Educators on the Principal and Teacher Advisory Cabinets advised DESE on culturally responsive practices aligned to the Standards and Indicators of Effective Practice and provide feedback on drafted updates.
  3. A cross-DESE advisory group reviewed feedback and recommendations for updates.
  4. Proposed updates were shared with an external advisory group of practitioners with expertise in the rubric for additional feedback.
  5. Once drafts were released, DESE continued to collect feedback from stakeholders and refine the drafts for clarity and comprehensiveness.

2022-23 Pilot of the School Level Administrator Rubric

In the 2022-23 school year, DESE piloted the School Level Administrator Rubric with four School Leader/Supervisor teams from diverse districts across Massachusetts. Pilot participants received individualized coaching to support implementation of the rubric as a tool for meaningful feedback and development in anti-racist and culturally responsive leadership.

2023-24 Pilot of the Classroom Teacher Rubric

Districts are invited to pilot the draft model rubric for classroom teachers during the 2023-24 school year. The purpose of this pilot is to learn about the conditions for effective implementation of the draft teacher rubric and make necessary updates to finalize it as the model rubric and develop accompanying training and resources by June 2024.

Participating districts will receive training and support with implementation of the updated rubric through:

  • District team planning workshop on best practices for culturally responsive educator evaluation
  • In-person and virtual calibration training workshops using OPTIC for school leaders
  • Virtual community of practice open to all participating teachers and evaluators
  • Ongoing technical assistance as needed

Technology Platforms

Through Request for Responses 23MACISSC3, DESE is identifying vendors that can provide technology solutions to districts and schools in support of effective and efficient implementation of the educator evaluation process using the updated rubrics.

The following vendors have been approved to date (this list may be updated at any time):

  • Classroom Mosaic
  • Educational Vistas

1 For information and resources on culturally and linguistically sustaining practice, please see Culturally & Linguistically Sustaining Practices.

Last Updated: October 10, 2023

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