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FY2021 State Coronavirus Prevention Fund Program

In January 2021, the legislature authorized line item 7061-0027, which provides for $53,060,000 for one-time funding to school districts, charter schools, and educational collaboratives for additional assistance to support coronavirus prevention efforts and to maintain and increase educational quality during the pandemic.

The budget provides for each district, charter school, and educational collaborative to receive funding equal to the sum of $25 multiplied by their FY2021 foundation enrollment plus $75 multiplied by their low-income enrollment, see this file for the individual awards . Students from school districts who attend charter schools and educational collaboratives are assigned to the charter schools and educational collaboratives that they attend based on October 1, 2019 enrollment data. Also, students assigned to a non-operating districts' foundation enrollment are assigned to the operating districts that they attend. Based on the student eligibility and funding criteria, $50,048,738 in total funding scheduled is to be distributed.

Eligible uses for the funds include, but are not limited to, personal protective equipment, hygienic supplies, costs associated with socially distanced onsite learning, remote learning, or hybrid approaches as determined by the district, charter school, or collaborative. Recipients can also use their funds for any expenses required to ensure that low-income and other vulnerable students receive assistance and support that provides them equal access to educational opportunities, including but not limited to, assistance overcoming technological hurdles to learning and access to social services, mental health, and behavioral health resources to address the potential trauma and other effects of the pandemic on students.

The Department will distribute this funding in two equal payments. The first payment will be issued in February 2021 and the second payment will be made at the end of April 2021. Once received, the funds should be deposited in a separate account so that they can be spent without further action on the part of the local appropriating authority by June 30, 2021. School districts and charter schools will be required to report these funds as a state grant expenditure on their fiscal year 2021 end of year reports and all fund recipients may need to complete other reporting requirements specific to the use of these funds.

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Last Updated: March 15, 2021

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