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The Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) has created DropBox Central to enable individuals to exchange confidential data with the department. All data exchanged through DropBox Central is encrypted using secure server certificates and protected by authentication through the DESE Security Portal.

Access to DropBox Central is generally administered by Directory Administrators for Public and Charter Districts and Schools. Directory Administrators will grant access to users within their district by assigning the proper role associated with their DropBox. An example of some DropBoxes and their associated roles are listed here:

DropBox NameRole Required for Access
ACCOUNTABILITYAccountability District
NCLBNCLB Coordinated Grant Application and Amendments Drop Box
ASSPAcademic Support Applications (ASSP)
  • If you are a member of a Public or Charter District and would like to request access to a particular DropBox, please view the Directory Administrators list for your DA's contact information.

  • All other organizations, please submit a request for access to the DESE Directory Administration email address: Please include your organization name, district/school code and the name of the dropbox you would like access to.

  • If you have already been assigned access to DropBox Central, access DropBox Central by logging in to the DESE Security Portal.

Getting Started with DropBox Central

  1. Login to the DESE Security Portal and click on the link to DropBox Central.

    A list of DropBoxes that you have been assigned access to opens.

  2. Select a DropBox name from the dropdown list and click Next.

    DropBox Central Select DropBox
  3. Select the organization assigned to you and click Next.

    Note: Most users are assigned to a single organization and will see only one organization listed.

    DropBox Central Select Organization

    A dialog box opens where you can view or upload files for the selected organization. This DropBox Central dialog box is where you view files that have been sent to you from the DESE (the DESE OutBox), and where you may view files you have sent to the DESE (the DESE InBox).

    Note: Some DropBoxes are one-way, where only the DESE can send files to you, but other DropBoxes allow you to post files back to the ESE. You will know if you have this capability if you have instructions on this dialog box telling you how to upload a file.

    DropBox Central Organization Listed

    Every DropBox has one or more administrators who work at the ESE. DropBox administrators receive email notifications when new files are uploaded into their DropBox. Contact information for a specific DropBox Administrator is typically listed on the upload page of the selected DropBox.

Please contact with any questions regarding DropBox Central.

Last Updated: June 7, 2012

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