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Uploading Documents to Your ELAR Account

Generally speaking, any document (employment verification form, internship letter, course description, name change request form, official verification, etc.) whose scanned/copied image is legible when viewed by a licensure specialist, should be uploaded directly into your ELAR account. Academic PreK-12 forms and guides can be found on our Academic PreK-12 Forms, Guidelines, and Licensure Regulations web page.

Documents that must not be uploaded include: hard copies of licensure applications, hard copies of renewal applications, and credit card authorization forms (these should not be uploaded or faxed); these documents would need to be mailed in to the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, Office of Educator Licensure, 75 Pleasant Street, Malden, MA 02148. Please put one of the following identifiers on all documents mailed in to the Office of Educator Licensure: MEPID, Massachusetts Educator License # (these can be found in your ELAR profile), or Social Security #.

Please note: when uploading official copies of transcripts:

  • Please make sure you upload both the front and back sides of each page of the official transcript. The Registrar's signature should be legible as well as the degree conferred and conferral date (if applicable).
  • If your transcript (or other supporting document) is under a different name (first or last) than that provided in your ELAR account; please be sure to upload proof of name change (marriage certificate/divorce certificate, driver's license etc.).
  • Transcripts sent to applicants directly from eSCRIP-SAFE that do not have a Registrar's signature will not be considered official for the purpose of licensure.

To Upload Documents into Your ELAR Account:

  • Preview the document image on your computer to make sure it is legible – if possible include all pages of a document in one file (i.e. 4 page transcript)
  • Login to ELAR
  • On your ELAR Welcome screen, click on the Check license status and history, make a payment link
  • Scroll down the Activity Summary Page to find the green button labeled "Upload Documents" Please note: if your licensure application payment has not been processed yet, this button will not be visible.
  • Click on the "Upload Documents" button.
  • Click on the "Choose File" or "Browse" button (dependent upon the type of Administrative access – if any – you may have in ELAR).
  • Search your computer for the saved file that you would like to upload into your ELAR account.
  • Once you have located the desired file, double click on it (or highlight it and click on the "Open" button). The name of the file that you select should show up in the File Selected field.
  • Select the document type being uploaded from the drop-down menu (please note that types beginning with "Voc" should only be selected when the related license application is for a Vocational License).
  • Select which open License Application you wish the document to be applied to. You may choose "All," "None" or identify as many individual applications as necessary
  • Type a short comment into the Comments box (if desired). For example:
    • When uploading transcripts into your file, you can type the name of the organization from which the transcripts are from, as well as the degree awarded (i.e. UMass-Dartmouth, BA) in the Comments box.
    • When uploading an experience/employment letter or form into your file, you can type the school district/organization's name (i.e. Boston Public Schools), in the Comments box.
  • Click on the "Save" button
  • Click on the "Done" button to return to the Inquiry - Activity Summary page or click the "Upload More Documents" button to continue to add documents to the file.

Last Updated: May 9, 2018

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