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January 2024

DESE's Educational Vision outlines areas of focus for the work of the Department. We are particularly interested in work that aligns with this vision:

Our goal is that as a result of their public education in Massachusetts, students will:

  • Attain academic knowledge and skills: achieve in a comprehensive and diverse range of subjects and apply their competencies in relevant, real-world contexts.
  • Understand and value self: know their own strengths, interests, and areas of growth, be self-aware, be a self-advocate, and make responsible decisions.
  • Understand and value others: understand differences and multiple perspectives, empathize with others, and build connections with peers and adults.
  • Engage with the world: understand and think critically about local, national, and world events and societal systems; and create positive change through civic action.

So that they can:

  • Be curious and creative: find joy in learning, pursue their interests, and use innovative thinking to approach opportunities and solve challenges, including those previously unseen.
  • Shape their path: be well prepared to thrive in college and/or career and be positioned for lifelong learning.
  • Feel connected: see themselves as valuable and involved members of their communities and be aware of their independence and interdependence.
  • Be empowered: play a role in advocating for equity, justice, and liberty in their communities and beyond.

In addition, DESE's Office of Planning and Research (OPR) has worked with DESE program offices to identify their current high priority research questions, the answers to which could assist the agency in providing the most effective, highest quality services to the students, families, and educators of the Commonwealth. We are sharing the DESE 2024 Research Priorities in the hopes of generating relevant research projects that can help inform decisions and improve services.

DESE will bid any opportunities where the state is seeking a vendor for research work and/or a grant-writing partner through the state's procurement system, CommBuys.

Please contact the Office of Planning and Research with any questions.

Last Updated: January 18, 2024

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