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  • Nonresident Applications to State-Approved CTE Programs

    The Chapter 74 Nonresident Student Tuition Program allows students to attend a school outside of their home school district in order to study at a state-approved CTE program that is not offered1 by their home district.

    This could involve attending the local high school of another city or town; or it could involve attending a regional CTE school that does not regularly accept students from their home school district.

    The process is as follows:

    1. Apply to the School by March 15
      • Every school has its own application and process. Please see the school’s website for details.
      • Admission is not guaranteed.

    2. Submit a Non-Resident Student Tuition Application to your home school district by April 1
      • The school district may approve or reject the application for tuition.2

    3. You Must Receive Two Approvals: The student must be accepted by the school and their sending district must approve the application for tuition in order for the student to attend.
      • The student will attend at no cost to your family.
      • Transportation is provided by your city or town of residence.

    4. If your student is accepted into the school, but your home school district rejects your application, you have a right to request that their decision be reviewed by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. Instructions for submitting the application are listed in the tuition application.

    When To Apply as a Non-Resident

    In some instances, you will need to apply during the student’s 8th Grade year. In other cases, you would apply during the student’s 9th Grade year. It is a good idea to contact the school you are interested in to get help understanding when you can apply and which programs your student would be eligible to attend as a nonresident.

    As noted above, Nonresident applications to schools are due on March 15 and nonresident tuition applications to your home school district are due on April 1.

    Learn More:

    1 Please Note: The rules surrounding Non-Resident applications are complex. If you have questions, every school has a liaison at the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. Find the school liaison for a school you are interested in.

    2 Exception to Tuition Application Requirement: Students who are interested in applying to agriculture and natural resource programs (Animal Science, Horticulture, Agricultural Mechanics, or Environmental Science & Technology) Essex North Shore Agricultural School do not need to submit a tuition application to their home school district. See: Specialized Agricultural and Natural Resources Programs Nonresident Student Enrollment Advisory.

    Last Updated: February 3, 2022

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