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Massachusetts Charter Schools

FY16 Charter School Tuition and Enrollment Projections

Below you will find links to FY16 tuition and enrollment projections for charter schools and sending districts. It is our hope that this information will assist in the FY16 budget process for charter schools, school districts, and municipalities.

It is important to note some caveats that may affect the accuracy of these projections. While actual enrollment cannot exceed the projection reported by a given charter, enrollment by individual sending school districts may vary. Additionally, each sending district's tuition rate is a function of local spending and subject to change. Both districts and charter schools should allow for some margin of error in these projections when preparing their FY16 budgets.

The budget allocates $80,500,000 in charter aid. This appropriation will cover 43 per cent of the actual requirement.

Tuition, FTE and Rate Summaries

Download Excel Document
Projected FY16 Charter FTE and Tuition is an MS Excel spreadsheet of the number of pupils at each charter school and the total dollars to be paid.
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Projected FY16 Charter Tuition Payments and Reimbursements For Sending Districts is an MS Excel spreadsheet of each district's total enrollment at all charter schools; the local tuition assessed (including facilities); and the Commonwealth's reimbursement to districts for facilities tuition and increases in tuition.
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Projected FY16 Rates by Charter School and Sending District is a comprehensive, sortable list of the individual district tuition rates at each charter school.

Rate Component Detail

The charter school tuition rate has three components. The facilities component is set by the legislature at $893 per pupil. The detail for the other two components is provided below.

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FY16 Foundation Budget is an MS Excel spreadsheet containing the Foundation Budgets of all applicable charter school sending districts. A drop down menu allows the user to select the school, campus, and district.
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FY16 Net School Spending Percentage Above Foundation Budget is an MS Excel spreadsheet that provides the calculation used to determine the percentage of net school spending above foundation budget. Deductions for retired teacher's health insurance and out-of-district special education costs are shown in detail.

Questions regarding charter school tuition and reimbursements may be addressed to Hadley Cabral in School Finance at (781) 338-6586 or

Last Updated: July 23, 2015

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