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FY2019 Fund Code: 646

Massachusetts 21st Century Community Learning Centers - Exemplary Programs Grant

Funds Allocated:$2,693,335 (Federal)
Funds Requested:$3,301,947
Purpose: The purpose of this federally-funded Massachusetts 21st Century Community Learning Centers Exemplary Programs grant is to expand and enhance a statewide network of high quality 21st Century Community Learning Centers that:
  • Support additional learning time for students in grades K-12, during out-of-school time (OST) and/or Expanded Learning Time (ELT) that provides creative and engaging academic enrichment opportunities that will help to close proficiency gaps, increase student engagement, and support college and career readiness and success.

  • Serve as mentors, models and resources for other programs across the Commonwealth.

Note: Grants are awarded in three categories based on the level of experience, funding, and expectations. The categories are Promising (Prom.), Practitioner, and Demonstration (Dem.). For fiscal year 2018-2019 (FY19), only Promising and Demonstration site applicants were eligible to apply.
Number of Proposals Received:24 Applicants / 35 sites (13 Prom. / 22 Dem.)
Number of Proposals Recommended:19 Applicants* / 28 sites (11 Prom. /17 Dem.)
Number of Proposals Not Recommended:6 Applicants* / 7 sites
*Note: 1 applicant with multiple proposed sites had 1 funded and 1 not funded
Result of Funding: This funding will support districts and partners in implementing OST programming and activities at 26 sites, and ELT programs and activities at 2 schools. This programming will provide students with engaging core content instruction, project-based and/or service-learning experiences, and opportunities for academic enrichment. In addition, the funded sites will serve as mentors, models, and resources for other programs across the Commonwealth. These programs will engage with various community partners to support students' learning, as well as support social emotional learning and physical development. Approximately 3,000 students will benefit from programs and services supported through this funding. Grant awards range from $50,000 to $350,058.

Boston Public Schools (Kenny Elementary School ($119,000), Gardener Pilot Academy ($50,000) [OST])$169,000
Brockton Public Schools (Baker School [OST])119,000
Collaborative for Educational Services (Sheffield Elementary School, Gill-Montague ($119,000); Palmer Middle School ($51,060); Maple ($70,624) and Pepin Elementary Schools ($70,624), Easthampton [OST])311,308
The Community Group, Lawrence (Bruce ($119,000), Community Day ($69,090), and Wetherbee ($69,090) Elementary Schools) [OST])257,180
Fall River Public Schools (Greene Elementary School ($50,000) [OST]; Letourneau Elementary School ($242,675 School Year/$20,000 Summer) [ELT])312,675
Fitchburg Public Schools (Crocker Elementary School [OST])90,584
Haverhill Public Schools (Consentino Middle School [OST])50,000
Holyoke Public Schools (Morgan Elementary School [OST])92,058
Leominster Public Schools (Samoset Middle School [OST])119,000
Lowell Public Schools (Morey Elementary ($97,342); Robinson Middle ($97,342) [OST])198,864
Malden YWCA (Ferryway Middle School [OST])119,000
New Bedford Public Schools (Jacobs Elementary School ($102,683) [OST], Gomes Elementary ($227,375 SY/$20,000 Summer) [ELT])350,058
North Adams Public Schools (Brayton Elementary School [OST])53,967
North Brookfield Youth Center (North Brookfield Elementary School [OST])50,000
Salem Public Schools (Bates Elementary School [OST])119,000
South Shore STARS (JFK Elementary School, Randolph [OST])119,000
Triton Regional School District (Salisbury Elementary School [OST])50,000
Wareham Public Schools (Minot Elementary School [OST])50,000
Woburn Boys & Girls Club (Shamrock Elementary School [OST])62,641
Total Federal Funds$2,693,335

Last Updated: July 17, 2018

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