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With the available high-quality instructional materials in the market, as signaled by DESE's Curriculum Ratings by Teachers (CURATE) or other curricular reviews, how do Massachusetts local education agencies (LEAs) make a selection that is a best fit for their localized context and priorities? How do LEAs distinguish the "strong horse" (standards-aligned materials that will well serve and strongly support students and teachers) from the imagined unicorn ("perfect" materials that meet every requirement for every LEA)?

Enter the IMplement MA Process Guide, the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education's (DESE's) inclusive and robust four-phase process to select and well implement high-quality instructional materials (HQIM), grounded in equity for students and aligned to the DESE Educational Vision: All students in Massachusetts, particularly students from historically underserved groups and communities, will have equitable access to excel in all content areas across all grades. Culturally and linguistically sustaining classroom and school practices will support students to thrive by creating affirming environments where students have a sense of belonging, engage in deeper learning, and are held to high expectations and targeted support.

The IMplement MA process reflects our current understanding of high-quality curricular materials and effective implementation:

  • Student access to standards-based, grade-aligned high-quality instructional materials is a lever for educational equity.
  • Strong selection of high-quality instructional materials is grounded in a shared vision, informed by localized equity priorities, and supported by diverse stakeholders.
  • The power of high-quality instructional materials is amplified by effective educators within a coherent, equity-focused instructional system, grounded in a shared vision, and dedicated to continuous improvement.
  • Skillful implementation of high-quality instructional materials through evidence-based practices that are inclusive and culturally & linguistically sustaining supports students to thrive.
  • High-quality instructional materials implemented with "high-expectations and targeted support" promotes deeper learning.
  • Ongoing, curriculum-based professional learning and coaching for teachers and leaders is necessary to amplify the power of high-quality instructional materials, accelerate student learning, and promote deeper learning for all.

If your district is considering high-quality instructional materials, begin with the Learn & Prepare phase to get the process started. If your district is already using HQIM, jump ahead to the Launch or Implement & Monitor phases to learn how to support skillful implementation.

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IMplement MA: Evaluate and Select High-Quality Instructional Materials Network

Is your local education agency (LEA) considering high-quality instructional materials (HQIM) as a driver of student success and lever for equity? Is your LEA looking to amplify the power of high-quality instructional materials by making a strong selection of HQIM grounded in your LEA's localized context and equity priorities? If yes, you're invited to participate in DESE's IMplement MA: Evaluate and Select High-Quality Instructional Materials Network!

The Evaluate & Select HQIM Network combines differentiated virtual sessions with personalized support to engage district teams in IMplement MA, DESE's inclusive and robust process to evaluate, select, and implement high-quality instructional materials, grounded in equity for students. Network participants are guided by Department staff and provided Department developed tools and resources to complete one or more phases of IMplement MA, with focus on the first three phases of the process: 1) Learn and Prepare, 2) Investigate & Select, and 3) Launch. Participants commit to attend all sessions of the Network, meet as a working team, and lead all Curriculum Council meetings at the school/district-level throughout the year to advance HQIM evaluation, selection, and implementation efforts.

Registration to participate in the 2023-24 Network is now closed. Information about the 2024-25 Network will be updated in Spring 2024.

If you have questions about IMplement MA or wish to consult about your LEA's independent IMplement MA process, please contact the appropriate content-area specialist:

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