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With the available high-quality instructional materials in the market, as signaled by CURATE and other reviews, how do Massachusetts districts make a selection that is a best fit for their local context? How do districts distinguish the strong horse from the imagined unicorn?

Introducing the IMplement MA Guide, the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education's (DESE) high-quality instructional materials adoption process. Grounded in equity for students, the IMplement MA Guide outlines an inclusive four-phase process to select and implement the high-quality instructional materials that best meet each district's local needs.

If your district is in need of high-quality materials, begin with the Learn & Prepare phase to get the process started. If your district is already using high quality instructional materials, jump ahead to the Launch or Implement & Monitor phases to learn how to support short and long-term implementation.

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Evaluating and Selecting High-Quality Instructional Materials for ELA, Math, and Science Network

CIS also offers the Evaluating and Selecting Network to support Districts through Phase 1: Learn and Prepare and Phase 2: Investigate and Select of the IMplement MA process.

Is your district considering high-quality instructional materials (HQIM) as part of its learning acceleration plan? How can instructional materials be a lever for racial equity? Join DESE's Evaluating & Selecting High-Quality Instructional Materials for ELA, Math, and Science Network.

The Evaluating & Selecting Network combines differentiated sessions with personalized support to engage district teams in a guided and individualized rigorous curriculum adoption process. District teams will work directly with Department staff and Department-developed tools and resources to complete one or both of the first two phases of the IMplement MA process (Learn & Prepare, Investigate & Select) for ELA, Math, and/or Science in any K–12 grade span.

This Network is closed for the SY21-22. Please return to this website for more information coming soon, or contact the content- specific person below for information for SY22-23.

Questions? Please contact the content-specific person(s):

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Current Grants and Opportunities

DESE currently provides multiple grants and opportunities to support the Curriculum Matters initiative: Math Acceleration, OpenSciEd, Investigating History, GLEAM.

Need more content-specific curriculum support? See Content-Specific Curricular Support.

Last Updated: January 12, 2022

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