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FY2021: Summer Food Service Program: Expansion, Access, Training and Start-Up (SFSP EATS) Grant for New and Existing Sponsors

Fund Code: 542


The purpose of this state-funded targeted grant program is to encourage new and existing Summer Food Service Program (SFSP) sponsors to increase participation in the program by serving more children per day, increasing total meals served, extending the length of the SFSP, and/or creating new sites. The creation of new sites will increase program availability to participants not currently receiving program services. This is solely a planning and sustainability grant.


Priorities are to:

  1. increase number of participants by increasing Average Daily Participation (ADP)*:
    1. involve a range of community members (city government, parks and recreation departments, community agencies, school constituents, students, teachers, administrators, food service staff, and families);
    2. plan to expand activities at the food service site;
    3. extend the length of the SFSP for the full summer vacation;
    4. increase the number of days the program is operational; and
    5. add additional meal services;
  2. support new sites that will serve a low-income population not previously served in the SFSP;
  3. support programs that serve the highest number of eligible children;
  4. increase access to healthy meals in rural communities;
  5. implement Farm to Summer initiatives at sites by utilizing fresh local produce and incorporating agricultural activities;
  6. provide nutritious meals to children with increased offerings of fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grains in the meal service;
  7. provide training to site supervisors;
  8. support School Food Authorities (SFAs) that offer school breakfast and after school snack programs during the academic year (high priority); and
  9. equip sites with resources, materials and supplies for program sustainability.

*ADP is auto-calculated based on the monthly claim data. It is a monthly average of daily meals served for a specific meal type.


New and existing Summer Food Service Program sponsors, including School Food Authorities, government and community-based organizations may apply. Applicants proposing sites serving a significant low-income population shall receive priority consideration.

Funding Type:



Approximately $423,000 is available. The funds are prioritized for new and existing sponsors with sites located in the vicinity of districts with a minimum of 50% of students who are eligible for free or reduced price meals. Existing sponsors must request funding using FY2020 June, July or August Sponsor claim data for meals served. The maximum funding request is based on the highest total number of first meals served during selected month in summer 2020. New SFSP sponsors must make a reasonable estimate of number of meals to be served monthly.

Previous Summer Total Monthly First Meals Served**:Apply for Up to***:

**Existing Sponsors: Use month with highest total number of first meals served from the June, July or August FY2020 Sponsor Claims tab. Sum total should include all meal services claimed for that month.

***New Sponsors: approximate total number of first meals served during busiest month, including all meal services. Please contact Office for Food & Nutrition Programs (FNP) for assistance.

Funding is contingent upon availability. All dollar amounts listed are estimated/approximate and are subject to change. If more funding is to become available it will be distributed under the same guideline as listed in the initial RFP document.

Fund Use:

Grant award shall be used for costs associated with the planning of effective programs. Funds shall be used to design and support a project that will extend the program through the entire summer vacation period, expand sustainable participation in the summer feeding program and start up new sites. All goods, services and contractual duties must be delivered by June 30, 2021.

Funds may be used for, but not limited to:

  1. Outreach expenses
    1. hiring an outreach intern
    2. marketing or publicizing availability of SFSP
    3. activities/disposables to promote participation in SFSP
  2. Training for site supervisors
  3. Purchase of equipment necessary for safe food handling, operational supplies and incentives
  4. Purchase resources to support Farm to Summer

Funds may not be used for:

  1. Administrator salaries
  2. Instructional/Professional staff salaries
  3. Support staff salaries
  4. Stipends
  5. Fringe benefits

Justification of need must be provided for requests of equipment costing over $5,000. This may be subject to approval pending review.

Goods and services must be delivered by June 30, 2021.

Project Duration:

Upon Approval – 6/30/2021

Program Unit:

Office for Food and Nutrition Programs


Kristen Torres

Sally Teixeira

Phone Number:

(781) 338-6453

(781) 338-6304

Date Due:

Friday, March 5, 2021

Proposals must be submitted through EdGrants by 5:00 p.m. on Friday March 5, 2021.

Required Forms:
Download Word Document
Part I — General — Program Unit Signature Page — (Standard Contract Form and Application for Program Grants)
Download Word Document
Part III — Required Program Information

Additional Information:


Nutrition Programs Website

Submission Instructions:

Submit all required grant materials through EdGrants.

If you do not know your Applicant Number (LEA code/District code/Applicant code), are a potential new SFSP sponsor or have never received DESE funding before, please contact Kristen Torres or Sally Teixeira immediately to begin EdGrants registration.

In order to apply for this grant, you will need to log into EdGrants: Front Office with an assigned DESE user name and password.

Please note: It is up to the district to determine who to add as EdGrants Front Office users in order to submit grant application and make payment requests. Please review the EdGrants: User Security Controls to make informed decisions regarding assigning your district level users.

Once login information for EdGrants is obtained, register with the Funding Opportunity to create and name the grant. Please use the following naming convention for your "Applicant Project Name" in EdGrants:

FY21 542 FNP Applicant Name

All items listed under the required forms section of this RFP should be uploaded / attached in the Attachments List formlet of the Application Submission in EdGrants. This includes a signed and scanned PDF of Part I / Coversheet with Superintendent's signature as well as Schedule A form, if applicable to your district. The final requested budget must be entered directly into EdGrants as part of the application submission process.

For Guidance Documents regarding EdGrants, visit EdGrants: User Guides and Information.

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