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CSDP Targeted Partnership Program Catalog — SY 2022-2023

How to Apply

Use this application form to register for one or more programs in the catalog. You can register as a single school or as a district team. If you have questions about a particular program, please reach out to the contact listed in the program description.

While any Massachusetts district is able to register for the programs in this catalog, priority will be given to districts identified as requiring assistance by the state's accountability system. Additional selection priorities or criteria are noted in each program's description.


The Department is offering several opportunities for districts to receive targeted support during the 2022-2023 school year. The opportunities listed below are organized around three categories, each of which is foundational to advancing educational equity across schools:

  • Sense of Belonging: Every student feels safe, welcomed and valued as an active member of the school community due to a safe and supportive learning environment.
  • Grade-Appropriate Instruction: Every student has access to culturally responsive, grade-appropriate instruction that helps them master grade-level standards and practices.
  • Strategic Planning and Coherence: School systems have clear priorities, leverage systems and structures in service of identified priorities, and continuously monitor and adjust strategies as needed.

Please note there is significant overlap between these priorities. All of the programs listed within each priority include elements of all three, and have been designed with an explicit focus on educational equity.

Which Program Is Right for Your District?

Prior to registering for a program, districts should consider:

Districts should considerSupport provided by DESE
  • Your priorities for next year
Attend one of CSDP's Spring Planning Workshops (below) for support.
  • Your team's specific needs and bandwidth
  • What partnerships and programs you already have in place
  • The content, duration, structure, and commitments of available programs
View program descriptions on each page or attend the Catalog Webinar to learn more about specific programs.

We recommend participating in one intensive program, but after a thoughtful planning process, districts may identify more than one that are well-positioned to support their priorities, including several "supplemental" programs in the catalog that are designed to support districts with strategic implementation of specific priorities. We also encourage districts to consider the partners and programs available outside of CSDP and DESE while planning and identifying the most aligned supports for the year.

Explore the Catalog

Use the links below to explore programs offered within each priority area, including stated goals and outcomes, as well as participation commitments for each program. You may also utilize the planning sheet below to plan for participation at the district and/or school level. Planning Sheet for Catalog Registration

Catalog Key

Program Types
  • Academy: These programs are multi-year commitments that include training, planning/implementation support, and direct coaching
  • Grant: Opportunity to apply for funding in a specific program area
  • Individualized Support: Available exclusively for districts in the SSOS portfolio to support implementation of specific priority areas
  • Network: Year-long cohort-based professional learning programs that include a combination of training and planning/implementation support
  • Workshop Series: These are often shorter, content-specific programs

Please note the status of each program to determine whether or not there is current availability

  • Applications Open: Districts can apply to join
  • Applications Closed: Program is no longer accepting applications
  • Coming Soon!: Applications haven't opened yet

Programs included in this catalog are hosted by one of the following Department offices, which you can find in each program's description.

  • CSDP: Center for School and District Partnership
  • CIS: Center for Instructional Support
  • KCL: Kaleidoscope Collective for Learning
  • OET: Office of Educational Technology
  • OLA: Office of Language Acquisition
  • SfSS: Systems for Student Success
  • SSoS: Statewide System of Support

Last Updated: August 30, 2022

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