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Indicator 17: State Systemic Improvement Plan

What is Indicator 17?

Indicator 17 is the State Systemic Improvement Plan (or SSIP). The SSIP is a multi-year plan focused on improving outcomes of children with disabilities. As part of the SSIP, states are required to identify a State-identified Measurable Result (or SiMR) and an evidence-based practice to improve outcomes measured by the SiMR. Massachusetts chose sub-indicator 7A (percent of preschool children, ages 3 to 5, with IEPs who have improved positive social-emotional skills) as the SiMR and the Pyramid Model as the evidence-based practice.

Why did Massachusetts choose Sub-indicator 7A as the SiMR?

Indicator 17 SiMR Data and Targets

The SiMR (Sub-indicator 7A) data are reported according to two summary statements:
Summary Statement 1Of the children who entered preschool program below age expectations, the percent who made gains by the time they turned 6 years of age or exited the program
Summary Statement 2Percent of preschool children who were within age expectations by 6 years of age or exit
Indicator 17 SiMR Data
SiMR (7A)FFY17 Data (N=651)FFY17 TargetFFY18 Data (n=1045)FFY18 TargetFFY19 Data (n=1150)FFY19 TargetFFY20 Data (n=1316)FFY20 TargetFFY21 Data (n=2105)FFY21 Target
Summary Statement 185.61%--85.17%86.00%82.44%86.00%80.09%86.00%85.75%86%
Summary Statement 247.00%--46.03%50.00%43.74%50.00%44.53%50.00%45.51%50%
SiMR Targets for Federal Fiscal Year 2020 — Federal Fiscal Year 2025:
SiMR (7A)Targets
Summary Statement 186.00%86.00%86.00%86.50%87.00%88.00%
Summary Statement 250.00%50.00%50.00%50.25%50.50%51.00%

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Last Updated: March 21, 2023

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