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Board Documents — January 2020

Regular Meeting

Board of Elementary and Secondary Education
Department of Elementary and Secondary Education
75 Pleasant Street, Malden, MA 02148
Tuesday, January 28, 2020, 9:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.

Comments from the Chair
Comments from the Commissioner
Comments from the Secretary
Statements from the Public*


Routine Business:

Approval of the Minutes of the November 19, 2019 Regular Meeting and the November 21, 2019 Board Retreat

Agenda Items:

  1. Competency Determination
    1. Brown University Study — Discussion
    2. Competency Determination Regulations (Extend Interim Passing Standard for Class of 2023) — Discussion and Vote
    Attachment: Redlined version of proposed amendments to 603 CMR 30.00

  2. Evidence-Based Policy Making - Discussion and Vote
    Attachment: Joint Memo from DESE and DHE on Evidence-Based Policy Making

  3. Proposed Amendment to Educator Licensure Regulations (Pilot Alternative Assessment for Licensure) Initial Discussion and Vote to Solicit Public Comment

  4. Student Opportunity Act: Update and Next Steps Discussion

  5. Charter Schools
    The following documents are public records and are available upon request.*
    1. City on a Hill Charter Public Schools
      • City on a Hill Charter Public School New Bedford: Surrender of Charter - Discussion and Vote
      • Update on City on a Hill Charter Public Schools: Dudley Square and Circuit Street - Discussion

    2. Amendments of Charters - Discussion and Vote
      • Boston Day and Evening Academy Charter School (a Horace Mann charter school)
      • Pioneer Charter School of Science II
      • Veritas Preparatory Charter School

    3. Reports on Probation - Discussion and Vote
      • Boston Green Academy Horace Mann Charter School
      • Helen Y. Davis Leadership Academy Charter Public School
      • Paulo Freire Social Justice Charter School

    *Due to the volume of documents, limited web server space, and the Department's commitment to achieving meaningful accessibility to this online environment for all users, but most particularly for users with disabilities (we follow specific Commonwealth Enterprise Standards designed to meet the needs of our citizens with disabilities), we are unable to post this document on our webpage. Please send an email to to request the document and we will respond promptly. Thank you

  6. State Budget Update - Governor's FY21 House 2 Budget Proposal

Other Items for Information:

  1. Legislative Report: Education-Related Laws Enacted in 191st Legislative Session

  2. Board of Elementary and Secondary Education Annual Report for FY 2019

  3. Report on Grants Approved by the Commissioner

  4. State Education Budget Transmittal Letter from the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education

  5. Chronically Underperforming Schools Quarter 2 Reports

Board of Elementary and Secondary Education Members

  • Ms. Katherine Craven, Chair, Brookline
  • Mr. James Morton, Vice Chair, Boston
  • Ms. Amanda Fernández, Belmont
  • Mr. Matt Hills, Newton
  • Mr. Michael Moriarty, Holyoke
  • Mr. James Peyser, Secretary of Education, Milton
  • Mr. Paymon Rouhanifard, Brookline
  • Ms. Mary Ann Stewart, Lexington
  • Mr. Matthew Tibbitts, Student Advisory Council, Ludlow
  • Dr. Martin West, Newton

Jeffrey C. Riley, Commissioner
Secretary to the Board

* The Board welcomes public comment on matters within its purview. Accordingly, the Board makes available a maximum 30-minute period at its regular meetings for persons in the audience to address the Board for no longer than 3 minutes. Written material of any length may be submitted. Preference will be given to persons who seek to address the Board on specific agenda items for the upcoming Board meeting. Agendas for upcoming Board meetings are generally posted 5 days prior to the meeting on the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education's website. Persons wishing to speak are strongly encouraged to submit their request before the day of the meeting; contact information is provided below. Preference will be given to those who submit requests by 5:00 p.m. on the Thursday preceding the regular Tuesday meeting. If time permits, the chairman will allow members of the public who have not contacted the Department in advance to speak in the public comment period; those individuals must sign in prior to the start of the meeting. The chairman may limit the number of speakers due to time constraints and may increase or reduce the time allocated per speaker. While there is no requirement to submit written testimony, a speaker who elects to do so should submit 15 copies of the testimony prior to or at the meeting for distribution to Board members. Requests to address the Board, written testimony, and other inquiries may be transmitted by mail, e-mail, fax, or telephone to: Massachusetts Board of Elementary and Secondary Education, 75 Pleasant Street, Malden, MA 02148, Phone: 781-338-3112, Fax: 781-338-3770, E-mail:

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