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Framework Implementation

The Framework Implementation series consists of three components: Online learning modules, curriculum alignment labs, and the curriculum alignment guide. The Department provides an alignment plan for districts who have are already beginning their alignment work with us this spring (Track 1) and for those schools and districts who will join us for the first time in the fall (Track 2). Click on each icon for more information.

Online Learning Modules
Online Learning Modules

Asynchronous learning experiences
Curriculum Alignment Labs
Curriculum Alignment Labs

Live webinars to support learning modules and guide alignment; differentiated by content specialty
Curriculum Alignment Guide
Curriculum Alignment Guide

Independent guide for aligning curriculum

Registration for the fall 2022 Curriculum Alignment Labs is now available. Please register by clicking on Curriculum Alignment Labs and selecting the cohort and session that is right for you or by clicking on the schedule below.

Curriculum Alignment LabModulesCohortDescriptionDateTime
CAL 37–81ElementaryThursday, 12/811:00–12:30
CAL 37–82ClassicalWednesday, 11/304:30–6:00
CAL 37–83-1Secondary, Modern, Novice - IntermediateMonday, 11/72:30–4:00
CAL 37–83-2 Monday, 11/144:00–5:30
CAL 37–83-3Tuesday, 11/1512:30–2:00
CAL 37–84Secondary, Modern, Intermediate-AdvancedWednesday, 11/3010:00–11:30
CAL 2 (Track 2)4–65General AudienceTuesday, 11/81:00–2:30

Last Updated: November 4, 2022

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