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Implement the 2021 World Languages Curriculum Framework

To support districts to implement the 2021 World Languages Curriculum Framework, OLA provides curriculum alignment labs and supporting materials, a curriculum alignment guide, and quick reference guides. Click below to view the curriculum alignment labs and supporting materials, the curriculum alignment guides, and the quick reference guides.

Curriculum Alignment Labs

The Curriculum Alignment Labs (CAL) were a series of live webinars that ran in the 2021-2022 and the 2022-2023 school years. Although the live webinars are currently active, materials from those lab webinars are available here, along with a facilitator agenda which district-based leaders may use to facilitate the labs in their school/district. Please note that each lab was recorded, and recordings of the labs may be available upon request. Please email to request a recording.

Curriculum Alignment Guides

The Curriculum Alignment Guide is composed of three documents and supports world language directors, coordinators and supervisors, as well as teachers who are engaged in curriculum selection, development, and alignment for world language courses. This tool aims to support world language departments to verify that their curriculum is aligned to the new framework and to fill in any gaps that are identified in the alignment process. This tool, once completed by district-based world language departments, does not replace teacher lesson planning; rather, it provides the curricular basis for teacher planning. Support to use this guide is provided in the How-to Guide as well as in the Curriculum Alignment Labs.

Sample Aligned Units

In the 2021-2022 school year, teams of volunteers throughout the commonwealth developed sample unit plans in line with the Curriculum Alignment Guides. While these unit plans are not intended to be used as exemplars (although some may be), they are useful in demonstrating the planning and thought processes that go into the work of curriculum alignment.

Unit TitleLanguage*Proficiency LevelGrade Level
Aenigmata Symphosii et Fabulae Phaedri LatinIntermediate MidSecondary
Carnival PortugueseNovice MidSecondary
Cars and Means of Transportation Spanish Intermediate MidSecondary
Discovering Olympism: Fairplay and the Olympic Values FrenchAdvanced LowSecondary
Everything Changes! Spanish Novice MidPrimary
Healthy Living SpanishIntermediate LowSecondary
Heroes FrenchNovice HighSecondary
How do I Connect With Others? Spanish Intermediate HighSecondary
Immigration SpanishIntermediate MidSecondary
Investigating the Portrayal of Women LatinIntermediate LowSecondary
Lunar New Year Chinese Intermediate LowSecondary
¿Quienes Somos? SpanishIntermediate MidSecondary
Sustainable Cities Spanish Intermediate HighSecondary
Water Usage in the Roman World LatinNovice MidSecondary
We are all Hercules LatinNovice MidSecondary

*While resources linked in the documents may be language-specific, the ideas may be applicable to any language.

Quick Reference Guides

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